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Voices of Hiya: Samantha Rist

Each month we feature a different Hiya employee in our blog series Voices of Hiya to provide a glimpse of what it's like to work at Hiya. This month we hear from our Vice President of People, Samantha Rist.

Samantha heads up our HR department, overseeing the recruitment, retention and development of Hiya employees. Samantha joined Hiya two years ago and is based out of our Seattle headquarters.

Read on to learn more about Samantha, how she came to work at Hiya, and what she does when she’s not working. 


Why were you interested in working at Hiya?

Two reasons. Reason #1 was the mission of Hiya: protecting people from spam and fraud calls. There are many jobs and places to work, but I wanted to work in a business that helps people.

Reason #2 was Hiya’s leadership integrity. I wanted to work with a team that understands and respects the value that putting people first is not only the right thing to do, but it’s good business as well.


How did you get into this role?

I came to Hiya from Ekata, which is where our founder and CEO Alex Algard previously worked. I knew and trusted Alex, and I like the way he approaches business, how he builds teams, and his respect for the HR function and how it brings value to the business. And I love what Hiya does by helping people and businesses.


What does happiness mean to you?

For me it is about helping people to thrive; whether that is friends and family or the people and businesses I work with.


What is your favorite home cooked meal?

Anything that someone else besides me cooks.


What are the qualities of a perfect teammate?

Someone who follows through on commitments, and when unable to, shares why and what help is required to meet those commitments. Also, someone who has the ability to laugh at themselves, at me, and with me. 

Where is home for you?

Home is wherever my family is! In December 2020 we moved to Bainbridge Island, which is in the Puget Sound west of downtown Seattle, and we are really enjoying Pacific Northwest people and living.


If you could have a superpower what would it be?

Wonder-twin powers because I don’t like working alone.


What are you planning to do on the next Hiya recharge day?



What makes you genuinely laugh?

There are too many things to list. I really enjoy laughing and I try to laugh every day.  


What are your favorite movies?

My favorite movies are the ones that surprise me…like the Sixth Sense or The Usual Suspects.


What was your most memorable day off work or school?  

Just one day? I would say my during first maternity leave, which I spent in Big Sky, Montana, and took a Masters of the Mountain course and skied harder and longer than I had ever done before.


What’s your favorite emoji?



What was the fun fact you shared in your first all-hands meeting after joining Hiya?

I mentioned that I lived in Seattle at The Admiral’s House when I was in 6th grade for one year. My father was an admiral in the Navy. Before that, we lived in Georgia and after that we lived in Virginia. Growing up, we moved 8 times prior to me going to college. Once I started working, I moved 10 times prior to moving “back” to Seattle in 2020.


What’s your favorite Hiya memory?

My first day at Hiya was Day 1 of Elevate 2022, our annual gathering that brings together Hiya employees from Seattle, London, Toronto and Budapest. It was certainly memorable (and a bit overwhelming). I really appreciated having such a big celebration for my joining! 🤓


Stay tuned for next month’s Voices of Hiya, where we highlight another team member who makes up our wonderful organization.

If you want to add your voice to the Hiya team, check out our careers page to explore open opportunities.

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