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Turning Call Data into Actionable Customer Insights with Hiya

Over the years, there’s been an explosion of new ways for businesses and consumers to communicate. Customers’ expectations of their interactions with businesses have also changed. They need personalized experiences to feel connected and loyal to a brand - and delivered when and where they want it.

What hasn’t changed? Consumers still preferred communicating with businesses on the voice channel. It’s immediate but not intrusive. It’s convenient while still being personal; in fact - it’s one of the only personal connection points businesses have with their customers, so it’s important to get it right.


Earlier this year, we launched Branded Call Intelligence as part of our Hiya Connect Console, a full suite of call delivery and performance analytics to optimize call delivery, performance, and reputation. 


We launched this with one goal in mind: to empower our customers to ask questions of their outbound call data to uncover insights that enable them to connect with their customers more rapidly, accurately, and intelligently, resulting in happier customers through the voice channel


Beyond the Answer Rate for Better Customer Satisfaction


While answer rate is important, call centers often look at additional KPIs to get a true 360-degree view on their performance and the impact of outbound calls on customer experience and ultimately, ROI. 

Instead of viewing data in one big aggregate or by individual phone numbers, our customers want to ask questions of their data in different cohorts to understand the why behind the what - and they can do that with Hiya! Some of the most popular tags our customers are using to go deeper into call metrics include:


  • Outbound Call Campaigns and A/B testing
    • For our customers running outbound call campaigns, they run A/B testing to try and isolate performance of one set of numbers to another. By isolating one variable, it makes it easy to track performance against a different group of numbers.
      • Examples: Testing branded calls against unbranded calls, different call reasons, different display names
  • Call Center Operations
    • Many of our clients make different types of outbound calls - most frequently sales and services calls. One of our home services clients makes sales calls to respond to inquiries from their website, as well as services calls made by their field agents. Without tagging, their data was either an aggregate of all of their numbers or they would need to look at each individual number. By grouping their numbers by business unit, they were able to see that their sales calls were being marked as spam more frequently, hurting their reputation and were able to make proactive changes.
  • Agent Productivity & Revenue per Agent
    • Customer experience and satisfaction is the ultimate goal of many of our outbound all centers. When looking at KPIs such as average handling time (AHT) and first contact resolution (FCR) - leaders want their customers to experience short call wait times and increased retention rates. When they look at their call data by agent, they are able to make data driven decisions on managing and improving performance.
  • Call Center Performance by Geography
    • Not only do our customers care about being able to look at individual agent productivity, they want to be able to look at performance across their call centers in different geographies, such as different call centers in different regions (up to 5 at a time!)
      • Examples:  states, provinces, and countries. 

    In summary: Your operational call center metrics are only useful if they are easy to access and help you make decisions that back your company’s unique business goals, objectives, and initiatives. Make your data work for you through the power, visibility, and control of Hiya’s Branded Call Intelligence.


Want to learn some tips & tricks about using the Hiya Connect console to ask questions and get deeper insights? 

Join us on Thursday, September 22 at 10am PT for a customer-only live event as I'm joined by my colleague, Ryan Adams, to the share best practices and questions you can ask to get impactful insights using the Hiya Console. 

Following the best practices, we open it up for a 30 minute open office-hours session where you can get your specific questions answered.

Author Grant Beckmann

Strategic Customer Success Manager