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Hiya Launches Hiya Connect To Help Businesses Improve Customer Relationships

Today, Hiya announced a new product that allows businesses to provide meaningful context into their calls to mobile customers. Featuring business name, logo, location and reason for the call, Hiya Connect helps companies improve contact rates and increase the quality of conversations with their customers.

With Hiya Connect, businesses are able to instill trust by providing identity and context at the first ring. This significantly increases call completion rates, customer satisfaction, and topline revenue. Hiya Connect helps businesses:

  • Increase contact rates. Consumers are frustrated with the amount of fraud and nuisance calls they are receiving and therefore expect, more than ever before, context when receiving a phone call. Hiya Connect presents a company’s brand identity, so more consumers will pick up or call back numbers when they know who is calling. 
  • Leverage the power of their brand. Businesses spend a significant amount of time and money building their brand, only to be stuck behind an anonymous phone number at the critical moment they’re trying to reach their customers. Hiya Connect allows businesses to leverage the credibility they’ve built with their brand’s reputation at the very moment that they are trying to reach their customers.
  • Restore trust in the phone call. A phone call is the most personalized form of communication between a business and their customer, outside of face-to-face interaction. Hiya Connect helps businesses establish and restore the trust that has been impacted by the proliferation of spam calls and not only increases contact rates, but also the quality of conversations a business has with its customers or prospects.
  • Access important call analytics. Enterprise call centers measure every aspect of their business, but very few are able to capture the sentiment of consumers for calls that go unanswered. Hiya Connect provides a wealth of insights in its Caller Registry analytic solution including contact rates and consumer sentiment (e.g. how many people have blocked a number or reported it as spam, etc.).

Hiya Connect is currently deployed in 40+ countries via Hiya’s Android and iOS apps, and via the company’s partnership with Samsung. It requires no technical integration and can be up and running within minutes. For more information, please contact


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