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The State of Voice in Canada in 2022

Hiya recently released the State of the Call: Canada 2022 report and the results are definitive; voice is not only growing in popularity, it is also the primary way that people connect with brands, providers, co-workers, and friends. This is important to note across all sectors of business, with over 92% of business professionals reporting that their phone use has increased, or stayed the same, over the last year.

We are deeply excited to announce our arrival in the Canadian market! Here’s a preview of some of the findings from this year:

  • 94% of individuals surveyed said they believe unidentified calls are fraudulent.
  • Many scammers are making money by impersonating legitimate organizations—who did scammers claim to be most last year? The Canadian government itself.
  • Despite the lowest global rate of losing money to fraudulent calls, Canadians led the world in pecuniary loss.

Interested in learning more? Download the full report here!

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