Hiya Lands its First European Carrier in New Partnership with Telenor Norway

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Telenor Norway to strengthen the fight against fraud and nuisance calls. This partnership is an important first for both Hiya and the industry at large. It marks Hiya’s first carrier partner in Europe and the first European carrier to partner with an intelligent call protection service to combat the growing problem of fraud and nuisance calls. 


Spam calls are a well-known problem in the U.S. Both carriers and the government have taken steps over the past few years to combat them. Now Europe is quickly catching up. We’ve seen fraud and nuisance calls on the rise across Europe over the years, and now Telenor Norway is stepping up to protect their customers.


How big of a problem are fraud and nuisance calls in Norway? Much like the rest of Europe, fraudsters are targeting Norwegians for a variety of scams and constantly look for ways to exploit the public. The rising level of fraud and nuisance calls not only results in financial losses for the victims, but also affects the carriers. Customers expect carriers to keep them protected from threatening fraud and annoying nuisance calls, and the recent rise in these unwanted calls can impact everything from the carrier’s bottom line to the carrier’s reputation with customers. 


It’s great to see Telenor Norway take this step to better serve their customers. And they’re doing so voluntarily, well ahead of government regulations that are likely coming to the telecom industry across Europe. 


We’re also happy to continue to grow our network and serve new markets. In recent weeks, we’ve shared news that we’ve extended our partnership with Samsung to continue to protect hundreds of millions of devices worldwide and we’ve started to power Cricket Call Defense for millions of Cricket Wireless customers in the US. 


This new partnership with Telenor Norway builds on that momentum and brings our technology to an important new market. It’s a great way to close out 2020 and we look forward to sharing more news on new partners in 2021.

Author Kush Parikh