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Want to know why customers report your calls as nuisance or fraud? See exactly what they’re saying

Are you tired of having your business calls going unanswered or struggling with poor customer perception? Understanding what end-users say about your calls when they get reported as spam is key to uncovering and investigating reputation and performance issues.

The analytics console in Hiya Connect has always provided a wealth of data. At a glance you can see such things as answer rate, call duration, blocked/reported calls, and more.  While that data may tell you how often your numbers are being reported, it doesn’t tell you WHY they are being reported. 

Now, for the first time, the Hiya Connect console includes a function called Call Feedback, where you can read comments submitted by call recipients who have reported your numbers as a nuisance call.  

User Reports: Where do they come from?

User reports come directly from consumers using Hiya’s spam and fraud protection service on Samsung devices and the Hiya app. When customers receive an unwanted call, they can tap a prompt on their phone to report it as spam or fraud. 

Some individuals will include a comment explaining why they reported the call. These comments can help businesses see how their calls are impacting end-users, and adjust their strategy to avoid reports altogether.

Call Feedback: A comprehensive solution to elevate your business

Call Feedback is the newest feature in Hiya Connect. It’s designed to help businesses gain valuable insights into end-user experiences so they can optimize their calling practices. It’s seamlessly integrated into the Hiya Connect console, giving you easy access to information that can empower your business to flourish.


Shown above is an example of the “Call Feedback” tab, as seen in the analytics console of Hiya Connect.  

Call Feedback includes a suite of powerful tools to help you gain valuable insights and optimize your business operations:

  • Comments provided by users – Provides a unique capability to monitor call feedback across all of your phone numbers, offering a bird's eye view of what's happening and where you may need to make adjustments.
  • Cross-carrier view – Presents a holistic perspective on end-user feedback, accessing insights from a significant portion of total call volumes across carriers.
  • Comment search – Ensures you don't lose time sifting through data. You can easily search for specific comments using a number or keyword, streamlining your review process and helping you focus on what really matters.
  • Privacy protection – Hiya Connect is committed to privacy. Call Feedback is designed to protect end users' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) by removing any identifiable information from the feedback.
  • Profanity filter – Let’s face it, people can get angry when reporting an unwanted call. Call Feedback helps you maintain a professional environment by including a "Hide profanity" option, ensuring any offensive language in the feedback is obscured.

Each of these features is designed to empower your business, providing the insights you need to continually improve your calling practices and overall customer perception.

How does Call Feedback help businesses?

Call Feedback plays a pivotal role in transforming the way businesses handle their calling practices. It serves as a powerful diagnostic tool, helping you understand why users may have reported your calls. By pinpointing the root cause of a reported call, you can take corrective measures to improve your reputation, adjust calling behavior to maximize customer satisfaction, and vigilantly monitor for instances of number spoofing.

With Call Feedback, you can turn negative perceptions into opportunities for improvement. By gaining insights into why your calls may be reported by customers, you’re equipped with the knowledge necessary to make changes necessary to enhance the end-user's perception and experience with your business.

Optimization is key in any business operation. Call Feedback offers the opportunity to use the feedback you receive to identify areas that need improvement. This could range from the frequency and timing of your calls, adherence to the Do Not Call list, to refining your call handling techniques.

Last, but certainly not least, Call Feedback enables you to boost your agents' performance. By leveraging insights from the feedback, you can develop targeted strategies that enhance agent effectiveness, leading to improved customer satisfaction. In essence, Call Feedback is not just a tool, it's a catalyst for business transformation.

A new era in calling practices

Don't let your business suffer from poor reputation or suboptimal calling practices any longer. Embrace the transparency of Call Feedback and see the difference it can make for your organization.

If you currently use Hiya Connect, talk to your HIya account rep to learn more about Call Feedback. If you're not currently a customer, contact us to request a demo of Hiya Connect.

Author Alex Salkin