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Hiya expands branded caller ID to all major U.S. carriers

We are excited to announce that Hiya Connect, our branded caller ID solution, is now available across all major U.S. carriers including T-Mobile, and Verizon. Combined with Hiya’s coverage on Samsung Galaxy Devices and the Hiya App,  Hiya now offers branded caller ID to over 97% of all mobile users in the U.S. Hiya can help more businesses increase their answer rates and call duration with identity-driven reputation protection. 

See Hiya Connect in action. Get a demo of Hiya’s Branded Call with its expanded reach.

By adding a full business name, logo, and reason for calling to your outbound call you can ensure that your customers will know exactly who is calling - and even why. Whether you are a healthcare provider trying to get in contact with a patient, or a lender calling to collect on an outstanding loan, with a branded call you are far more likely to get your calls answered on the first dial.

But what makes Hiya’s Branded Call so special?

Hiya is the world’s #1 provider of branded caller ID

Hiya has the largest distribution of branded calls in the United States with the ability to brand calls to over 97% of all domestic mobile users. Hiya’s network has also extended its reach internationally; thanks to our integration with Samsung devices, the Hiya App, and our partnership with a major Canadian carrier. Hiya can brand calls on over 40% of Canadian mobile phones.

When it comes to branded calling, we have you covered with the largest and fastest-growing global calling solution. Hiya Connect provides accurate identity to over 400 million users across the world. Hiya is the only solution on the market that can natively display the logo and call reason, without an over-the-top app.

Hiya has the most advanced and user-friendly analytics platform on the market

Our Branded Call Intelligence, part of Hiya Connect, can expand your knowledge of your outbound call performance. Hiya is the only branded calling solution that transforms calling data and insights into definitive action. 

Branded Call Intelligence can establish the ever-elusive link between your individual agents and the outbound call performance of your contact center. We offer the only solution with reputation analytics that allows enterprises to investigate the reason behind why they are getting labeled as spam – and how to avoid the calling behaviors that impact your outbound calling reputation.

Hiya provides world-class customer service

We are committed to the performance of Hiya Connect and the success of our customers who leverage Hiya to reach their potential. Our dedicated customer success team are branded caller ID experts – we have a best-in-class team available to help customers meet their calling performance goals.

Businesses need a comprehensive voice performance strategy to help increase answer rates by improving the customer experience. When customers recognize that it's you calling thanks to smarter caller ID technology that delivers caller name, logo, and call reason, – you'll outperform competitors whose calls get lost amidst the rise in spam and caller ID spoofing. 

Get started with a demo to see how Hiya Connect will help you achieve better customer connections and better business outcomes. 

Author Alex Salkin