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CBS Evening News: Number of robocalls soars in 2017

We spoke to CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor about how our data shows that robocalls made to consumers reached an all time high in 2017, ... >

Hiya raises $18 M in series A funding to fight robocalls

Today, Hiya announced that they received $18 million in a series A funding round to “pursue its business of helping carriers defend their ... >

Robocall Complaints Hit New Record in 2017

Despite all the efforts the FCC and FTC have made to try and stop the flood of robocalls coming through to consumers, Nasdaq has just ... >

Move over, ID theft – here’s the new No. 1 fraud

ID theft is no longer the reigning champ when it comes to fraud. Many of us have heard, or even been victim, to a number of scammers who ... >

ZTE Integrates Hiya’s Spam-Blocking Technology into the ...

Receiving unwanted calls is pretty bad, but when you’ve been unexpectedly scammed by one, it’s even worse. As proactive as consumers have ... >

How you can block robocalls

This past Wednesday, the FCC Strike Force held their second meeting to discuss the progress of the Strike Force’s mission to stop the ... >

U.S. FCC chairman wants more industry action on robocalls

Earlier this week, the FCC Strike Force came together for their second meeting to discuss the latest on the fight against ... >

Call-blocking app Hiya announces new iOS version that ...

Meagan Meehan from Blasting News takes a deep dive into Hiya’s updated app for iOS 10. With spam calls on the rise and users falling victim ... >

Hiya launches network-level caller ID and call-blocking ...

In a Fierce Wireless exclusive, Hiya announces its newest service: Hiya Cloud. This is the first network-level solution for call management ... >

Samsung and T-Mobile Team Up with Hiya Against Robocalls

In the midst of the fight against robocalls, many companies are attempting to find solutions to prevent customers from becoming the next ... >

Galaxy Note 7 Has Hiya Baked Right In!

Samsung’s partnership with Hiya has always guaranteed protection for all Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users. And now as they introduce ... >

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Equipped with Hiya Protection

Hiya has pretty good timing! As their extended partnership with Samsung was announced today, the anticipated Galaxy Note 7 smartphone will ... >

Hiya Seals the Deal with Samsung to Protect Galaxy Note 7

Not long after they spun out from Whitepages, Hiya is making even bigger moves by sealing the deal with an extended partnership with ... >

FCC Call For Action May Not Be Easy Fix For Fight Against ...

Despite the FCC’s recent push for carriers to provide consumers with a easy and free solution to block robocalls within the next 30 days, ... >

Lawmakers Step In After Robocalls Increase 30% in 2016

You know it’s a big deal when Republicans and Democrats are coming together to solve a problem. But you won’t be surprised when you hear ... >

IBT Welcomes Whitepages Caller ID Spin Off, Hiya

International Business Times welcomes Hiya Inc. and our mission to end robocall and spam texts once and for all. >

Deals with iOS 10 Spam Calls

Thanks to iOS 10, you can now say good-bye to receiving all those unexpected phone calls from scammers and local telemarketers on your ... >

Samsung partners with Hiya for integrated spam/scam caller ...

Not all call protection services are created equal. And that’s ok. We’re all special snowflakes in our own right. But this special ... >

Planet Money #789: Robocall Invasion

Spam calls, we’ve all received them and we’ve all done our best to avoid them. Unfortunately, right when we though we’d found the best way ... >

Trump, Clinton Robocalls Rising as Election Day Looms

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump up their game for donations and voter support, unfortunately scammers are too. As we receive a number ... >

WSB-TV: Fraudsters are using smartphones to empty your ...

Consumer Expert Clark Howard (@ClarkHoward) has one goal: to show you how to keep more of the money that you make. Sometimes that means ... >

ZTE Axon 7 Nougat update brings Daydream, Hiya Caller ID

As ZTE rolls out the Android 7.0 Nougat, many Axon 7 users in the U.S. will be satisfied with the updates and services they’ll be ... >

Getting to know Hiya: Matt Hertogs, Software Engineering ...

Hi my name is Matt Hertogs and I am a software engineering lead on the Hiya Gateway Services team. I build and maintain highly available ... >

Class Action Lawsuit Rewards Free Cruise Victims Up To $900

For all of you who’ve fallen victim to the free cruise scam, now is your time to take back what was rightfully yours, your hard earned cash! >

MacWorld: How to block certain calls in iOS 10

Being a Mac afficionado, Senior Contributor Glenn Fleishman of MacWorld has many readers asking him how to make the most out of iOS10. With ... >

Apple iOS 10: 50 Awesome Features You Should Know About ...

With the recent update of iOS 10, consumers are getting flooded with new features left and right. By the way, did you know you can swipe ... >

Samsung Galaxy S8 will have business search capability ...

For all you Galaxy S8 users, as if you thought you saw everything Hiya had to offer, it’s not quite over yet. Debuting on April 21, all S8 ... >

ZTE’s Axon 7 is now Daydream-ready, capable of identifying ...

In the words of Selena, the Queen of Tejano music, when you think of the Axon 7, you may have been “dreaming of you tonight” or should we ... >

Five Apps & Software for Construction for November 2016

The Con App Guru has been working really hard these past few months, to reach his goal for 2016, sharing more information about new ... >

Free App Blocks Scammers From Calling You

If it weren’t for the number of IRS phones scammers and other phone scams targeting Americans not only during tax season but all year ... >

ZTE Axon 7 gain Daydream View support, Caller ID and call ...

For all you ZTE Axon 7 users, it’s time to celebrate the fact that you can now easily protect yourself from those pesky unwanted calls at ... >

Getting to know Hiya: Anna Ruh, HR Generalist

Hiya is dedicated to providing a better phone experience thanks to the diligent efforts of our talented team! As dedicated as we are in ... >

Galaxy S8 gets local business search inside the native ...

To all you Samsung smartphone users, when it’s time to find a place to eat, drop off your dry cleaning, or even book a haircut, what’s your ... >

Apps to help you avoid scam calls

Didn’t we JUST file our taxes, or at least that’s how it feels like. As if there was ever a break from the IRS scam, in reality there ... >

Hiya and Samsung Turn the Phone Dialer Into a Local Search ...

The Galaxy Note 8 (including Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8 and all A-Series and J-Series devices) will be coming out with a new local search service ... >

3 apps to block annoying callers

As the proclaimed “America’s Digital Goddess”, Kim Komando certainly knows her fair share about technology. Kim Komando is the host of a ... >

How-To Prevent Robocalls and Spam on Your iPhone

To all you iPhone users, say good-bye to spammers and hello to automatically blocking the calls you want to avoid! Thanks to the new ... >

Hiya: Filter Spam Calls

Giving  Apple users the knowledge to get the most out of their Apple products, Mac Power Users Podcast co-host, Katie Floyd is happy to ... >

iPhone iOS 10 Update Features: 15 Tips, Tricks and Tweaks

Pssssst….if you didn’t already know, we’ve got the inside scoop on how you can make your iPhone experience with the new release of  iOS 10 ... >

How To Block Spam Calls With iOS 10 [Guide]

As iPhone users are basking in the ability to finally identify and automatically block spam or scam calls from their phones, thanks to iOS ... >

Hiya, a Whitepages spinout, nabs $18M for its smart caller ...

After spinning out of Whitepages a year ago, Hiya announced today their first round of funding to help grow their business globally. >

How To Block Calls in iOS 10 – No More Unwanted Calls

Hooray! Thanks to iOS 10, we can now download third-party apps like Hiya to start blocking and screening unwanted calls. But wait, despite ... >

Scammers find news ways to trick South Dakotans into ...

According to the South Dakota Better Business Bureau, telemarketers are flooding South Dakotans’ phones and what makes matters worse is ... >

“Scam Utility Calls” on the rise in 717 area code

Named eighth out of the “Top 10 U.S. Cities Targeted by the Utility Scam”, Harrisburg’s WGAL News 8, warns residents of the growing scam in ... >

How to Block Spam Phone Calls in iOS 10

If unwanted calls annoy you like no other, you’re not alone. The growing number of telemarketers and scammers has become ridiculous and in ... >

How to install two of the best call blocking apps for iOS 10

Right at the top of TechRepublic’s list of best call blocking apps for iOS 10, Hiya has been named the “go-to free call blocking app for ... >

Best Caller ID App to Filter or Block Spam Phone Calls: ...

There are a number of apps out there who attempt to block those annoying robocalls that you’re constantly receiving. But the two popular ... >

Hiya Reveals Most Common Types of Phone Scams in Charlotte ...

WHO: Charlotte residents and folks with a 980 area code, have you been receiving a lot of scam calls recently? If you have, you’re not ... >

Whitepages focuses on caller-ID app with startup Hiya

Seattle Times announced online people-search company Whitepages recent spin-off, Hiya! Previously Whitepages CallerID, Whitepages founder ... >

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