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Allison Sakounthong

Allison Sakounthong
Allison Sakounthong is the Marketing Manager and was previously a local reporter, now using her sleuthing skills as a Hiya caller ID specialist keeping users up to date on the latest phone scams, phone protection, and industry news. She is a native Seattle-ite and graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in Journalism.

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FCC Chairman Confirms Action Will Be Taken If Carriers Do ...

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai did not take kindly to the lack of effort carriers had shown in his request to implement “robust caller ID ... >

FCC Becomes More Impatient, Demanding Industry-Wide ...

The FCC joins consumers in their growing frustration in phone carriers not yet providing an industry wide solution to the robocall problem. >

Hiya Finds Robocalls Increase by 1 Billion From Last Quarter

As the heat rises this summer, so are the number of robocalls! Increasing by a billion from last quarter, we most recently found that in ... >

U.S. Senate Questions Government Officials & Kingpin of ...

This morning in Washington, the robocall issue continued to heat up in advance to the FCC-FTC’s Stop Illegal Robocalls Expo that Hiya will ... >

Hiya CEO Joins Panel at FCC-FTC Joint Policy Forum On ...

Last Friday, the FCC and FTC hosted a joint policy forum on “Fighting the Scourge of Illegal Robocalls. The event highlighted the actions ... >

FCC Takes Further Steps to “Eliminate Unlawful Robocalls”

At today’s FCC November Open Commission Meeting, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and fellow FCC commissioners voted in favor of “advanced methods to ... >

FCC Approves New Rules Regarding Robocalls

As they continue their search for a successful solution to the fight against robocalls, the Federal Communications Commission approved new ... >

Attorneys General Across the U.S. Demand New Rules Against ...

If you thought you were sick and tired of the number of spam and scam callers tricking you into picking up their so-called local calls, ... >

Pennsylvania Health Plan Fooling Customers Across the Nation

In this day and age, people are becoming more health conscious and want to provide themselves with the best medical care they deserve. ... >

FCC Proposes New Rules That May Be Solution to Stopping ...

We’ve heard about the fight against robocalls since last July when the Robocall Strike Force was first established. Thankfully, the force’s ... >

Scammers Should Be in the Slammer for Scamming Inmates

Scammers are at it again, but this time they’re killing two birds, or should we say jail birds with one stone! >

New Legislation will Help Customers Block Robocalls

Update: Earlier in June, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently introduced the ROBOCOP Act into the Senate. The ROBOCOP Act would ... >

State of the Call Report: Americans Only Answer Half of All ...

As our phones continue to be inundated by robocalls, many people no longer want to pick up the phone at all. Unfortunately, this has led to ... >

Auto Warranty Scam: Hit The Road Jack And Never Come Back…

If you’re like my boyfriend, the winter weather has your brain racking up all the repairs, maintenance, or upkeep you need to do, to make ... >

Scammers Target iPhone Craze

As you wait in line to get your hands on an iPhone 7, you kill time by scrolling through the App Store to see what newest app craze you’ve ... >

Gotta Stop em’ All: Pokemon Go Scammers

When it comes to Pokemon Go, “if you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was, to catch Pokemon WAS your real test, but NOW to avoid ... >

Hiya Supports City Year Seattle at Ripples of Hope Gala

A group of Hiyans dressed to the nines as they headed into the Westin in downtown Seattle to attend the City Year Seattle/King County ... >

Medicare Open-Enrollment is Open Season for Scammers

With the new year ahead of us, comes the season for health insurance open-enrollment, which has led to Medicare insurance scams. >

Scammers Use Air Canada in Phoney Free Vacation Scam

You’ve just received a call claiming you’ve won a prize. Something’s different this time though: it sounds legitimate compared to the ... >

FCC to Combat Robocalls in 2019 With Proposal to Amend ...

Pushing forward to combat the scourge of robocalls in 2019, the FCC has made an announcement that they will be amending the Truth in Caller ... >

Hiya Receives 2018 AT&T Supplier Award for Call Protect

We are proud to announce that we’ve been awarded with AT&T’s 2018 Supplier Award for our outstanding performance and contribution in ... >

Thanksgiving Phone Scam: How to Dress Your LIVE Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re like most, you’ve got the potatoes boiling, the aroma of pumpkin pie permeating every room, and the turkey ... >

Scammers Under Wraps Or Should We Say Car Wraps

We’ve got two words for you CAR ADVERTISEMENTS! They sure are an eyesore, but it makes you wonder, why would you want the likes of Redbull, ... >

Phone Scams Around The World

No matter where you live, spammers will get the best of you. Hiya operates and is helping with the fight against spam, scam, and robocalls ... >

Samsung Extends Hiya Partnership, Providing Samsung Places ...

Gone are the days where you’d have to hop into a third-party app to search for a great place for coffee or the nearest dry cleaners to get ... >

Political Spam Calls Increase by 3250% In Past Year

Political robocalls fall into two categories legal and illegal. Unfortunately, both types are still on the rise. From candidate mudslinging ... >

No, You’re Not Hard of Hearing, Beware of the “Can You Hear ...

Don’t get us wrong, sometimes when you get a call, you simply can’t hear the person on the other end of the line. This could be due to a ... >

U.S. Sentences 21 IRS Scammers to 20 Years

Last Friday, the United States Department of Justice announced that “21 members of a massive India-based fraud and money laundering ... >

FCC Proposes $37.5 Million Fine Against Company Spoofing ...

Robocall scammers have taken their schemes to another level. They are now using your mom, co-worker, or even a local neighbor’s phone ... >

Canada Joins U.S. in Fight Against Robocalls

Update – Government of Canada announced on Nov. 17: >

You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch…Or Should We Say Holiday ...

Thanksgiving may be over, but just because you put away your “Thanksgiving pants,” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare yourself for the next ... >

The Perks of Hiya: iOS vs. Android

Life would be a lot easier if apps would function the same way on every type of phone, but unfortunately that’s not the case for some. From ... >

Wells Fargo Targeted By Nationwide Scam

For all of you who bank with Wells Fargo, if you receive an unexpected robocall informing you that Wells Fargo has put a hold on your ... >

4 Warning Signs of a Jamaican Lottery Scam and its Victim

Most of us can say that we have a pretty good sense of judgement when it comes to avoiding being duped into some crazy scheme, but can you ... >

Scam Victims: Here’s How You Can Claim $500 for Unwanted ...

Who thought being scammed would pay off…six years later! For anyone who fell for the vacation scam, specifically taking a short survey for ... >

Spam and Fraud Calls Spike 700% in Minnesota

As scam and fraud calls continue to victimize residents across the country, Hiya has decided to do our due diligence by providing a weekly ... >

“Stop Calling Me!” Get on the National Do Not Call Registry

Ever gotten a call from a telemarketer? If you answered no, I’d love to know your secret, but in reality, we’ve all been there and we can ... >

Hiya Welcomes Chris Reiner as new VP of Business Development

We’d like to give a warm welcome to Chris Reiner, Hiya’s newly appointed Vice President of Business Development. With 20 years of ... >

For-Profit Company Dupes Consumers in Trash Bag Charity Scam

If we were to ask you how much you think a box of trash bags would be, what would you guess? $5? Or if there’s some special feature (i.e. ... >

Here’s to the End of the Year As We Know It! | 2016 ...

Not quite in the words of REM’s “It’s the end of the world,” but it’s definitely coming close to the “end of the year as we know it!” With ... >

A Review of Robocalls and SMS Spam

Robots are getting pretty crafty these days, so crafty that they’ve got phone scamming down. While it’s pretty entertaining to picture an ... >

Hiya Ranks in Seattle Business Magazine’s 100 Best ...

Last night, Hiya attended Seattle Business magazine’s 30th annual 100 Best Companies to Work for awards dinner at the Washington State ... >

Consumer Reports’ Spam Findings Rank Hiya-Powered T-Mobile ...

In the midst of the FCC Strike Force’s plan to find solutions against robocalls, T-Mobile’s Name ID (powered by Hiya), has stood out ... >

The Price You Pay to be on Top: Google Listing Scam

Being on the A-list for a hot new club is the equivalent to being at the top of Google’s search list for businesses. Just as we can ... >

New Jersey Scam Calls Spike over 500% Due to Amazon Job ...

Targeting New Jersey residents with promises of Amazon stay-at-home jobs and chronic pain remedies, scammers will say just about anything ... >

Since When Did PCH Start Calling Versus Knocking?

We’ve all wished it before: you get that knock on the door and hope, just this once, that you’ll find an oversized check for $500,000,000 ... >

How to Detect A “Lucky Winner” Scam Before You Become The ...

Your phone rings, you pick up, and before you can put down your ham sandwich and register what’s going on, you’re told that you’ve just won ... >

Three New Ways Scammers Are Tricking You

We’ve all been warned of the number of things scammers will do to make us fall victim to their latest schemes. As we learn, we adapt and ... >

Scam Tactic of the Year: The Neighbor Scam

A new phone scam tactic called the “Neighbor Scam” has emerged in recent months, and according to our data, it has surged 750% since the ... >

5 Things to Look for in a Caller ID App

We’ve all been guilty of clogging up our smartphones with apps. But over time, some people have learned to limit the number of apps they ... >

Health and Human Services Hotline Targeted in Grant Scam

If you look at your caller ID and see that you’re receiving a call from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Hotline, be ... >

Massachusetts See 500% Surge in Social Security, Apple ...

As scam and fraud calls continue to victimize residents across the country, Hiya has decided to do our due diligence by providing a weekly ... >

Amazon Customer Service Scam Grows 94% in Washington State ...

Amazon Headquarters may be located in Seattle, but it definitely doesn’t give Washington state immunity from falling victim to the Amazon ... >

Scammers Steal T-Mobile Phone Numbers to Swipe Funds

Calling all T-Mobile customers, if you’ve received email notifications from your bank telling you that your transactions have been ... >

Hotel Phone Scam Targeting Vacationers Around The World

You’ve packed your bags, you’re making your way to your vacation destination and when you get to your hotel, all you can think about is ... >

Neighbor Scam Grows Dramatically in 2018; Scammers Evolve ...

The Neighbor Spoofing Scam is a tactic phone fraudsters use to mimic (also known as spoofing) the first six digits of a user’s phone number ... >

Summer Sends Kansas Flood of Unwanted Calls, Keeps Rising ...

This past summer, Hiya noticed a drastic jump in fraudulent and spam calls in a number of area codes in Kansas. Unfortunately, the increase ... >

Scammers Offer Amazon Job That’s Too Good To Be True

You found the ideal job, working from home, making thousands a dollars a month, and and doing it all for one of the world’s most valuable ... >

Extra! Extra! You’ll Want To Read About The Newspaper ...

As much as I hate to admit it, newspapers are a dying breed. However, thanks to a number of individuals who still like the feeling of ... >

Wangiri (One Ring) Scam Grows 98% in Q1

Hiya along with the FCC, is warning consumers not to fall victim to the latest phone scam, the Wangiri (also known as the one ring) scam, ... >

Empty Promises of Chronic Pain Cures Target New York ...

Whether it be back, leg, shoulder, or anything that is chronically painful, be on guard! Scammers are targeting New York residents claiming ... >

Massachusetts Continues to See 500% Growth in Spam & Fraud ...

Here is this week’s top area code targeted by unwanted callers, the top cities affected, the growth in spam and fraud calls and the three ... >

Growth in Unwanted Calls Strikes in Nevada and Massachusetts

This week we’re not bringing you one but two area codes that have been targeted by fraud and nuisance calls in the U.S. >

But They Said I Won A Cruise?! |How You Know Your Free ...

When I first got the call that we had “WON A FREE TRIP OF YOUR CHOICE!,” I hate to admit it now, but I was already duped at “free.”   >

Scammers Cost Tax Payers Thousands with Free Medicare Brace ...

Nothing in life is free, especially if you receive an offer for a free medical brace from Medicare. Targeting vulnerable senior citizens, ... >

Declining Scam Of 2017: Free Cruise Scam

All it takes is the word FREE, and scammers know they’ve got their victims right where they want them. But as much as they’ve used this ... >

Texas Targeted Once More, Seeing 700% Increase in Fraud and ...

Texas just can’t get a break when it comes to being victimized by unwanted callers. Things may have simmered down since their 1200% spike ... >

The Top Ten Spam Area Codes in the U.S.

Try as we might, Americans just can’t get away from the annoying spam and call scams ringing through to our phones. While we’ve covered ... >

Most Consistent Scam of the Year: Utility Scam

Fraudsters have been taking advantage of rising electricity bills to prey on consumers by stealing personal and financial information. ... >

FCC Proposes New Rules That May Be Solution to Stopping ...

We've heard about the fight against robocalls since last July when the Robocall Strike Force was first established. Thankfully, the force's ... >

Here's to the End of the Year As We Know It! | 2016 ...

Not quite in the words of REM's "It's the end of the world," but it's definitely coming close to the "end of the year as we know it!" With ... >

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