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Hiya and Ericsson: Partnering to Protect Global Wireless Networks

Hiya has a new partnership with Ericsson to provide network-based call protection to wireless carriers globally. The new offering, named Call Qualification, is a spam and fraud call protection service powered by Hiya Protect that is immediately available to all wireless carriers using the Ericsson IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS).

Call Qualification integrates Hiya Protect directly into the Ericsson IMS to combat the growing problem of spam and fraud calls across the world. With Hiya’s Adaptive AI self-learning technology, carriers can recognize and stop new and emerging scams in real-time to stay a step ahead of fraudsters. The unique partnership offers carriers the fastest path to addressing spam and fraud call protection and improving the voice experience for subscribers.


The joint solution also works for Ericsson’s Mobile Switching System (MSS) to provide coverage for 4G/5G as well as 2G/3G networks. Call Qualification is available instantly to carriers currently using Ericsson IMS and/or MSS. Ericsson’s global reach further enhances Hiya’s service and will offer the broadest call protection solution in the industry. 


Ericsson has operations in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Southeast, and Northeast Asia, India, and Oceania.


A win for carriers and subscribers


“Through our partnership with Ericsson, carriers can instantly access and deploy Hiya’s most advanced, AI-powered call protection features worldwide, giving subscribers a superior voice call experience and more trust in the network,” said Alex Algard, CEO and founder of Hiya. 


David Bjore, Head of Solution Area Communication Services at Ericsson, adds, “Spam, fraud, and nuisance calls are a frustration that almost every person with a phone can relate to. It is certainly an area that will positively impact subscriber satisfaction and loyalty if they can be stopped. That’s exactly what we, in partnership with Hiya, are aiming for carriers to achieve with Call Qualification.”


Network integration enables instant activation 


Network integration is the most scalable way to protect all users from spam and fraud calls because it has no requirement for an application download or configuration; it’s fast to deploy, easy to manage, and continuously updated. By integrating with the Ericsson IMS and other network elements, carriers can deploy Hiya across their networks for a native user experience on all devices. 


Call Qualification is live today at Ericsson’s D-15 Labs, a state-of-the-art innovation center in Silicon Valley. The first joint subscribers are already in the works and expect to launch the new service later this year.


Spam and fraud calls are a growing problem


Spam and fraud calls are on the rise across the world. According to Hiya’s 2022 State of the Call Report, spam and fraud calls have increased by 13% in 2022 and mobile subscribers now receive an average of 14 unwanted calls per month. In some countries, the problem is even worse. “In many countries, mobile subscribers receive more than 20 unwanted calls per month,” said Kush Parikh, president of Hiya.


Unwanted calls do more than waste people’s time. One-quarter of consumers reported losing money to a phone scam, with an average loss of $542 per victim. What’s more, the report showed that subscribers and businesses expect carriers to take action and solve this problem. 


Hiya and Ericsson offer a global solution 


Carriers around the world need to tackle the growing spam and fraud problem and simultaneously support subscribers on a combination of 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G networks. Call Qualification can provide instant protection from fraud, labeling for spam, and new services that carriers can provide to subscribers and enterprises. Ericsson’s global reach further enhances Hiya’s service and will offer the broadest call protection solution in the industry.


For more information about the Hiya/Ericsson partnership:


Read the press release.

Watch the video of Hiya President Kush Parikh announcing the partnership. 

Hiya Protect is used by phone carriers, mobile phone manufacturers, and network providers who are looking to create a differentiated voice offering and to increase customer satisfaction. For more information on Hiya’s spam and fraud protection capabilities, send us an email or learn more about Hiya Protect.

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