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SoftBank Corp. subsidiary, BBSS, partners with Hiya to protect mobile subscribers

Hiya is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with BBSS Corporation, a subsidiary of SoftBank Corporation-owned SB C&S Corporation. Through this partnership, Hiya’s call security solution Hiya Protect will be offered to carriers worldwide to protect their subscribers from spam and fraud.

The need for spam and fraud protection is especially critical in the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America, where in some countries more than 50% of calls can be spam or fraud. 

“Spam and fraud calls are a growing problem costing consumers and businesses billions of dollars, degrading trust in the voice network, and impacting nearly every mobile carrier around the globe,” said Shintaro Taki, Representative Director, President, and CEO at BBSS. “Following extensive research and vetting across different voice security solutions, we determined that Hiya offered the most effective spam and fraud protection on the market. Hiya Protect was the clear choice to complete our voice security offering.”

BBSS specializes in the distribution of software to telecom carriers, ISPs, and mobile insurance companies.

Phone spam is a global problem

Phone spam and fraud are plaguing consumers around the world. According to Hiya’s most recent Global Call Threat Report, 24.9% of all unknown calls observed in Q1 2023 were spam or fraud. However, voice security at the network level is a proven way to effectively protect mobile subscribers.

Launched in 2016, Hiya Protect uses Adaptive AI to analyze every facet of a phone call on the network in real-time to learn and respond to new threats as they emerge. Other solutions rely on basic protections such as phone number history and validity checks, which are relevant but certainly not sufficient alone.


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With the highest detection rate and the lowest error rate of any voice security platform in the industry, Hiya safeguards consumers without blocking legitimate calls. This ensures more wanted calls are identified and unwanted calls are blocked or labeled.

“We are proud to be selected by BBSS and SB Telecom America as they are the trusted source to leading carriers around the world and known for their vigorous and comprehensive evaluation process,” said Kush Parikh, Hiya President. “This selection of Hiya Protect will extend Hiya’s Voice Security Network to expanding markets across the globe, in addition to our existing footprint in North America and Europe.”


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