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Hiya Captured Half a Billion Unwanted Calls in a Week

April was the largest month in Hiya's history for processing unwanted calls. There has been an increase in incoming call volume from 2019 to the present; by the end of 2021. In one week, Hiya's global network flagged nearly half of a billion unwanted calls, powered by real-time intelligence and adaptive AI. 

"Thanks to the newest developments in Adaptive AI, more malicious calls are being filtered by Hiya's service. Fraudsters can't get away with it any longer." - says Jonathan Nelson, Director of Product Management at Hiya.

Hiya Protect's Adaptive Artificial Intelligence does not rely on historical data, and no human retraining is needed. This means we are prepared to anticipate spam trends and shut down illegal callers in real-time, providing the best protection in the voice call industry.

This huge catch is proof of consistency and aptitude. We are meeting demand from a technological standpoint and providing a key SaaS to carriers, OEMs, and end-users across the globe.

For more information on Hiya’s spam blocking capabilities, send us an email or learn more about Hiya Protect

Author Hiya Team