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10 Essential Call Center Resources

Without a well-run call center, your company loses the ability to solve customer problems, get the answers to vital questions, and make valuable sales. The success of your contact center is crucial to the success of your company.

Staying up-to-date on the latest best practices and tips is essential to managing a high-performing contact center.  Check out our list of resources that everyone working in and around a call center career should be reading.

Improving Call Center Management

1. How to Optimize Your Call Center Scheduling

Call center managers have the unique challenge of creating a schedule that fits both the needs of their call center and the availability of their agents. This call center resource covers how to  schedule the correct  number of agents for expected call volume, as well as  some best practices for employee-scheduling satisfaction.

2. Contact Center Automations: What Are They?

You know that automations can speed processes up and can be valuable call center resourcesbut you might not know what types of automation will solve the problem you’re facing. This article dives into different types of automations’ pros and cons.

Creating an Effective Voice Strategy

3. State of the Call Report

Hiya’s State of the Call report showcases top trends and insights about the voice call, providing key learnings that will help you create a voice strategy that resonates.

4. Creating an Omnichannel Customer Experience

An omnichannel customer experience ensures your customers have a great experience no matter which channel they prefer to be contacted throughbut knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. This call center resource breaks down everything you’ll need to know.

5. 4 Benefits of Changing Your Outbound Caller ID

With 94% of unidentified calls going unanswered, Branded Caller ID has become  more relevant to businesses than ever before. Find out what Branded Caller ID can do for your contact center.

6. Spam Filters: What High Volume Callers Need to Know

Many contact centers don’t know if their calls are being displayed as spam. To avoid being labeled as a fraud call, high-volume callers from legitimate businesses need to actively follow a few best practices outlined in this article.

Compliance and Security

7. STIR/SHAKEN: Does It Completely Reduce Illegal Call Spoofing?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has required that all telephone carriers adopt STIR/SHAKEN technology, but what exactly does that mean? Get the rundown with this article.

8. What Is TCPA Compliance?

Companies can face lawsuits if they are found not compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), but what exactly are the requirements? This call center resource gives you all the answers to your burning questions.

Measuring and Improving Metrics

9. How to Improve Your Call Center Conversion Rate

Lead conversion is a crucial success metric for an outbound call center. This call center resource outlines several tactics to  improve conversion rates.

10. What Is Contact Rate and How Do You Improve It?

Contact rate helps you understand how many consumers you are actually reaching. Find out how to improve these vital metrics to reach more customers.

These call center resources will help take your call center operations to the next level. Wondering how to track performance and see the impact these resources have? Download our Call Center Metrics eBook to find out what metrics you should be optimizing to meet your specific goals.

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Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya