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How Call Tracking Can Benefit Your Business

Your company has just launched an advertising campaign with placements in magazines, billboards, and on the internet that encourage customers to call in. How can you tell which calls with customers were most effective? How do you know how long the calls were and where they came from? All these questions can be answered by knowing how to track the metrics that are important to your company. Call tracking is an excellent way to identify the source of a caller, which kind of messaging works, the number of calls, and general information about the caller.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking from a non-digital source typically involves a partnership with a call tracking software company. The purpose is to publish a phone number on a non-digital form of advertising, like a flyer or a piece of mail. When potential customers call the number, their call is routed through the vendor’s call engine, acknowledged, and forwarded to the number your business has provided as the end number. 

Digital call tracking works at a bit of a different level. It involves the use of dynamic number insertion (DNI), which inserts a phone number into an ad or source depending on the specific ad, regardless of which ad is served to an individual. Ads are usually served across an ad network like Google or Bing. Cookies play a role in “stamping” a customer when they visit your page or interact with your ad so that they are served the ad more frequently. 

The Benefits of Call Tracking

Call tracking software has many benefits for all types of businesses, no matter what kind of ads that they choose to run. There are many benefits that can arise from using a caller tracking software.

Determine the Success of Ads

Whether you plan to run ads in the long term or run a shorter series of ads, call tracking can help you analyze the success of ads. One important data set is whether or not digital ads or physical ads are more successful for your customers and your industry—this can vary from company to company.

There is also the possibility of performing A/B testing on ads. Consider running ads against each other with slight variations between them and see which ad performs better. This can help you find the best ad with the best messaging, which can help with conversion rates in your future campaigns.

Find Improvement

Some ads will be more appealing for others, and this is an opportunity rather than a hindrance. You can find improvement in ads as you can identify what about an ad is different from the others and what can be improved to appeal to more customers. 

You can also determine opportunities for better outbound phone calls if you are able to analyze the information around the phone call, like the duration of the call and the recipient of the call.

Understand Customers

Call tracking data can help you identify the demographics of people who have called in from your ads. This can help you better target individuals regardless of whether the ad is digital or physical. You can also get a better sense of customer needs, their questions, and their concerns—this can help you provide better customer service and train your staff to be more helpful to customers.

Enhance Analytics

Call tracking can be easily integrated with other analytics to create an understanding of the success or additional needs of ads, in addition to an understanding of customer response and customer information. A proper call tracking software should enhance reporting rather than replace reporting. Your business should also ensure that your caller tracking software can be integrated into your present reporting solution.

Find Qualified Leads

Not all leads are necessarily the same. Some are qualified and part of the ideal target group, while others may have called on accident or are not part of the ideal group. Knowing which group is calling in can help your company understand who the people worth contacting are and who isn’t as effective to contact.

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Author Laleh Hassibi

Hiya's Director of Content Marketing and Growth