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Omnichannel Customer Engagement and Its Benefits

All industries and businesses are different, but delivering great customer service is one of the best ways to increase your chances of ... >

Creating an Omnichannel Customer Experience

Although everyone is different, many customers follow the same steps before making a purchase or contacting a business. In addition to ... >

What Is an omnichannel contact center?

Although the global economic and social outlook is in a state of constant flux, contact centers remain one of the most important resources ... >

Beyond CNAM (Caller ID Name)

Gone are the days when outbound call centers would try to catch call recipients unaware. Today, federal regulations stipulate that call ... >

Medical Call Centers Best Practices

There’s nothing more important than one's own health and the health of loved ones. As such, outbound medical call centers (also called ... >

Why You Need Outbound Call Tracking Software

We live in a fast-paced world. To such a degree that businesses try to make tasks as simple, quick and efficient as possible. In their ... >

How to Optimize Your Call Center Scheduling

Here at Hiya, we recognize the unique challenges call centers face today. Let’s be real, few kindergarteners dream of becoming a call ... >

Spam Filters: What High Volume Callers Need to Know

Getting customers to pick up the phone is becoming increasingly more difficult, and part of this is due to the high number of spam calls. ... >

The Pain of Fraud Calls: 4 Insights for Healthcare Call ...

The voice channel has always played a critical role in healthcare communications among payers, providers, and patients. More often than ... >

Contact Center Automations: What Are They?

Working for a call center can get a bad rap. You often hear the same typical story… employees feel drained spending long hours on the phone ... >

4 Key Trends Every Financial Services Contact Center Should ...

In 2020, people became more accustomed to putting more physical distance between them for the sake of social distancing -- but this ... >

What are robocalls and how to prevent unwanted robocall ...

Unexpected and often unplanned, random telephone calls throughout the day pull you and your employees away from vital tasks. But while ... >

How to Improve Your Call Center Conversion Rate

Converting people is a crucial component of an outbound call center for sales and marketing. Conversion rate is arguably the most important ... >

What Is Contact Rate and How Do You Improve It?

Contact centers thrive on data. Without industry metrics, it would be impossible for outbound call centers to find areas of improvement and ... >

4 Benefits of Changing Your Outbound Caller ID

People tend to answer the phone every time, right? Well, that isn’t necessarily true. Answer rates are continuing to plummet, with 94% of ... >

Understanding STIR/SHAKEN and call spoofing

Millions of Americans own different types of mobile phones and all of these people know that fraudulent calls are already a huge problem in ... >

How Call Tracking Can Benefit Your Business

Your company has just launched an advertising campaign with placements in magazines, billboards, and on the internet that encourage ... >

What is a spoofing attack? Everything to know about this ...

A spoofing attack occurs when a deceitful party disguises its identity and pretends to be a reliable company. Posing as a trusted brand, ... >

15 key call center metrics to measure outbound performance

With $2 trillion of commerce conducted over the phone annually, businesses have a lot riding on their ability to reach and connect with ... >

How to stop phone spoofing of your business numbers

In 2020, voice fraud generated almost $20 billion in losses in the US alone and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Scammers and ... >

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