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Nuisance Calls in the U.K.: Top Ten Area Codes

Would it surprise you to learn that nuisance calls in the U.K. have surpassed those in the U.S.? What if I told you that the U.K. has the highest percentage of phone spam than any other area in Europe? If you live in the U.K., you’re probably thinking, “No surprise at all.” 15% of all unidentified U.K. phone traffic is attributed to nuisance calls. That’s not a statistic one can easily dismiss.

Many people fall victim to phone scams because they answer calls coming from a familiar area code. While most of us find it easy to dodge a toll free number, seeing a nearby area code can give you moment’s pause before leaving that call unanswered. Therefore, it should be no surprise that scammers use popular area codes to target victims.

Read the list below to be a little more prepared and wary should a scammer come calling.

Top 10 Area Codes Where Nuisance Calls Originate in the U.K.:

  Area Code Location
1 20 London
2 161 Manchester
3 141 Glasgow
4 113 Leeds
5 121 Birmingham
6 1922 Walsall
7 1268 Basildon
8 151 Liverpool
9 115 Nottingham
10 1792 Swansea


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