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The ROI of Implementing Hiya Connect Webinar

Reaching and engaging with customers is critical to business success. But, so often, businesses struggle with exactly how to do that. There are so many forms of communication to choose from: email, sms, mail, web–even out-of-home ads. And once you get there, what’s the best way to make sure your customers answer that communication? With so many options and so little time, it’s hard to know. 


But there’s one thing we know for sure: 

Voice is the preferred channel of communication for the future of work. And with this in mind, businesses should heavily invest in ensuring that their customers do answer their phone calls–which most customers don’t do. In fact, 94% of unidentified calls go unanswered. 


So how are businesses, who need to rely on the voice channel, supposed to see a return on investment for their call centers, many of whom are missing the mark when it comes to answer rates? How are businesses supposed to escape this catch 22?


Presenting, “The ROI of Implementing Hiya Connect.” 

In this webinar, Julianne Maila, Director of Product Marketing at Hiya, will be joined by our guest Amy Harrison, senior TEI consultant at Forrester, to discuss the findings of the Hiya commissioned Total Economic Impact study (conducted by Forrester Consulting)--which most notably found that Hiya Connect delivers a 677% ROI and NPV of $14.1M over three years to its enterprise customers. Together they’ll explain the variety of benefits customers can achieve with Hiya Connect: including the impact on answer rates and contact center productivity. 

To join us, RSVP here.

Author Julianne Maila

Director, Product Marketing