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Scammers find news ways to trick South Dakotans into picking up the phone

According to the South Dakota Better Business Bureau, telemarketers are flooding South Dakotans’ phones and what makes matters worse is that there’s a 3-to-1 chance that these callers are actually scammers trying to dupe people out of their hard earned cash!

Unfortunately, identifying a caller is a lot more difficult these days, due to spoofing.

“Scams used to be easier to spot since the caller used numbers from out of state or even overseas, but scammers have now found a way to use the 605 area code to get South Dakotans to answer their calls,” reports KSFY.

To help citizens from becoming a scammer’s next victim, download an app like Hiya, and help screen these types of unknown numbers. Click on the video below to learn more:




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