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Samsung Galaxy S8 will have business search capability within dialer app via Hiya partnership

For all you Galaxy S8 users, as if you thought you saw everything Hiya had to offer, it’s not quite over yet. Debuting on April 21, all S8 phones’ native dialer will feature a new tab atop the dialer page called “Places.”

“Hiya, which spun out of Seattle-based Whitepages last year, powers the new feature with its “Hiya Business Profiles” product that launched today. S8 owners can use the “Places” tab to find a local business and make a call without having to switch apps. Hiya is also partnering with third parties like Yelp and Whitepages to provide a more robust business directory,” shares Geekwire.

To learn more about the new feature click on the image below:




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