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Do You Really Need an Outbound Dialer Software?

In the robust environment of a call center floor, one of the biggest challenges call center managers face is preventing agents from experiencing burnout from repetitive tasks like manually dialing phone numbers or logging endless amounts of data from each call. These tasks can have a potentially negative impact on your team’s psyche, and the last thing you want is for agents to become frustrated and perform poorly as a result.

Fortunately, with the rise of technology, there is a solution to this problem with outbound dialer software. But is this solution worth the investment? In this article, we’re taking a deep dive into what dialer software is and how contact centers can boost their effectiveness with branded caller ID.

What is Outbound Dialer Software?

Outbound dialer software is a way for call centers to perform outgoing calls to customers using automation technology. Utilizing software like this has become much more popular than traditional methods like manual dialing.

Dialers are often used by sales agents, customer service departments, and outbound call centers with multiple agents. Contact centers use dialers to perform automated tasks like dialing contacts, connecting calls, and recording call data.

Why use an Outbound Dialer Software?

While there are many types of dialer softwares out there with different benefits, most contact centers turn to dialer software to achieve the following advantages:

Improve Overall Efficiency

Up until a few decades ago, call center agents would spend most of their time performing repetitive, mundane tasks instead of spending the majority of time on their main task – connecting with people on the phone. These tasks would include looking up a list of phone numbers, manually dialing each number, waiting to be connected, and recording the outcome of a call, just to repeat the process all over again.

When a dialer software is looking up and dialing phone numbers, agents can spend their time focusing on what is most important: connecting with the consumer. And with an automated dialing system, the number of calls a team can make during the day improves drastically.

Increase Likelihood of Sales

Some dialer softwares will track basic information about prospective customers. Sales contact centers can use this as a form of lead management to prepare their agents for their calls. Predictive dialer software can also anticipate the best time of day to call. This kind of anticipation technology increases the likelihood of the call resulting in a sale. 

Additionally, a good dialer software contains filters to prevent agents from connecting with numbers on do not call registries, answering machines, or fax machines. This helps prevent agents from wasting time and gives them more opportunities to connect with qualified leads.

Decrease Operational Costs

Depending on the size of your team and the number of outbound calls made each day, it can be expensive to run a contact center from a landline. While using a dialer software isn’t free, it can often be a less expensive solution for outbound call centers.

As we mentioned before, agents are also more efficient when they don’t have to manually dial and index calls. With the increased efficiency of call center agents, combined with the decreased cost as a result of not having to use a landline, your bottom line will thank you.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Using a dialer software increases customer satisfaction because it can help prevent customers from getting annoyed by simple mistakes like getting a duplicate call. When agents are doing everything by hand, there is a lot more opportunity for error that can irritate prospects. For example, when call sheets are printed, there can be errors in the phone numbers or duplicates. Dialer softwares prevent those mistakes from reaching the customer later down the line.

Agents at call centers that use dialer software spend more time talking to customers instead of getting frustrated with the laborious process of dialing number manually. Additionally, they can maintain focus throughout the day because their schedules aren’t being interrupted by countless mundane tasks. All of these things help agents channel their energy on what matters most: serving customers.

Increase Your Answer Rates With Branded Caller ID

At Hiya, we’re all about helping you connect with your customers. Dialers help you call more people, but a branded caller ID display gets those people to actually answer the phone. Hiya Connect’s Branded Call shows your customers your company name, logo, and customized reason for calling.

Optimizing your contact center’s strategy is a multifaceted process that might not seem worth it at first. But the potential payoff in improving your team’s performance makes it at least worth investigating. Ultimately, you’ll need to decide for yourself whether or not using an outbound dialer software is worth it for your call center.

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Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya