Hiya and Samsung extend strategic partnership to 2025

We are excited to announce the extension of our strategic partnership with Samsung to 2025. We will continue to power Samsung Smart Call to stop spam and fraud calls and we will also deliver Hiya Connect to enable businesses to reach more customers on hundreds of millions of Samsung devices worldwide. Read the full announcement here


What’s new with this extended partnership? 

For the first time, Samsung Smart Call will automatically block fraud calls on devices with OneUI 2.5 (and beyond), making these devices among the most protected smartphones in the world. And with Hiya Connect now available, global businesses can reach more customers with features like Branded Call, Secure Call, reputation monitoring and management, and self-serve analytics. 


What we’re saying…

“We’re thrilled to build on our partnership with Samsung and continue to make the voice call better for Samsung customers. We have a lot of exciting innovations in the works and Samsung customers will be some of the first to experience them. We’re also pleased that businesses can continue to use Hiya to connect with customers on Samsung devices, which has become increasingly more critical over the past few months.” - Alex Algard, CEO at Hiya

“At Samsung, we are dedicated to making the mobile experience safer and more engaging for our customers. We are excited to continue our partnership with Hiya to offer best-in-class solutions to our customers across the globe.” - Inkang Song, VP and Head of Technology Strategy Group, Mobile Communication Business, Samsung Electronics


What they’re saying…

“Samsung already provides spam and fraud call detection through its dialer that’s powered by Hiya, a spam and call detection company. Now it’s extending the service to automatically blocking those calls on devices that are running One UI 2.5 software. As a consumer, you don’t really need to do anything to block these calls. Hiya leverages its database and cloud service to identify these calls and block them.” - The Next Web

“It should soon be easier to dodge robocalls and other unwanted phone chats on a Samsung phone. Samsung has struck a deal with Hiya to automatically block spam calls through its Smart Call feature, keeping fraud from reaching your ears without having to depend on your carrier for help. The effort will lean on Hiya’s real-time detection tech and goes a step beyond the flagging that you see with some phones.” - Android Authority 

“Hiya, a Seattle-based company that provides caller profile and business profile services, today announced that it has extended its strategic partnership with Samsung through 2025. Hiya will not only continue to power Samsung Smart Call to protect Galaxy users from spam and fraud calls, but it will also provide Hiya Connect to enable businesses to reach more customers on Samsung devices around the world.” - Android Central

“The Hiya Connect service is also included as part of this extended partnership. It’s a service for legitimate businesses who want to be able to reach out to customers through the phone. They will be able to provide their name, logo and the reason for calling customers through the Branded Call feature of Hiya Connect. Businesses will also be able to access reputation monitoring and management in order to prevent an inaccurate spam label.” - SamMobile


What now? 

Get involved! Samsung customers can activate Smart Call on their device by going to ‘Caller ID and spam protection’ in Call Settings and switching the function on. Businesses interested in reaching more customers with Hiya Connect can learn more at www.hiya.com/connect.

Author Mike Ferris