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Introducing Hiya’s Flexible Work Model

We are excited to share that Team Hiya has adopted a flexible work model! 

Over the past two years, Hiyans across the globe have shown that we can be productive and innovative, achieve amazing results, and collaborate effectively in virtual spaces. Our new flexible work model means that there is no requirement for employees to come into an office except when synchronous, in-person work is preferred (company- and team-wide events, or specific business reasons). We believe this approach gives our team a level of flexibility that balances the needs of all Hiyans with the needs of the business.

Like many companies, Hiya has been fully-remote for the past two years, while still offering employees the opportunity to work in our offices if preferred. Our goal now is to give our team––and anyone interested in joining us––clarity on what the future of work looks like here at Hiya. 

There were several important factors as we determined the best approach for Team Hiya:

  1. At Hiya, we believe a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Teams, roles, and individuals throughout the company have different needs, requirements, and preferences. And we want to ensure the next phase of work at Hiya accommodates everyone. 
  2. In-person interactions are important to cultivating strong working relationships, and we believe there are instances where synchronous, in-person collaboration is more effective and efficient. 
  3. We learn as we go. We believe that feedback from Hiyans will help us move forward in the right direction and we will continue to openly communicate with each other about what’s working and what’s not working. 

We also want to ensure that all Hiyans are fully supported whether they choose to work from our offices or from their homes. That’s why we are providing transportation and parking reimbursements, catered lunches in the office every Tuesday and Thursday, and proper equipment for both remote and in-office work set-ups. 

We look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a team by collaborating with each other virtually and in person over the coming months! 

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Author Ushma Mehta