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4 tips to turn cold calls into hot conversations

While digital channels continue to grow in popularity for simple purchases, there are some purchases where communicating via an app or chatbot just won’t do. For consumers making a large, complex purchase such as buying a home, or businesses considering a new software purchase, nothing beats a phone call.

Sales, marketing, and contact center leaders certainly understand the dynamic, multichannel nature of doing business today. But voice remains the preferred channel for reaching current and prospective customers. In fact, 34% of sales professionals list it as the communications method they use most.

However, it’s a double-edged sword. Because voice calls are so fast and effective, they’re also commonly used by bad actors for spam and fraud. In fact, data shows that one out of every four incoming calls an individual gets from a non-contact is either a spam (nuisance) or fraud call.

How can sales, marketing, and contact centers leaders reinvigorate their cold calls and warm leads and turn them into revenue? Here are four of our top tips:

Tip 1: State your full name and company name right away – By stating your full name and company name, your potential customer doesn’t have to interrupt your call script to ask who you are and where you are calling from. Whether you are prospecting or following up on a request for information, identifying yourself and where you are calling from gives you a better chance at continuing the conversation.

Tip 2: Know your audience and why you are calling them – Before making any call, ask yourself: Who is this person and why am I reaching out? With cold calls, recipients haven’t asked for information so they may not realize they need a solution to a challenge. This is especially important for prospecting calls. Be prepared to listen more than talk. Remember, sales calls are about the potential customer and how you can help solve their challenges.

Tip 3: Give the reason for your call –  Your call has been answered, you’ve stated your name and company name, you know the reason you are calling — now tell them. At this point the person you are calling can make a decision about whether they want to keep the conversation going or not. And longer calls are an indicator of higher quality leads, which result in more wins.

Tip 4: Add branded caller ID to your outbound calls - Hiya's State of the Call 2023 report shows that 87% of consumers believe that unidentified calls may be spam or fraud, and 72% of consumers say they are more likely to answer if they know who is calling. This means if you are relying on CNAM for caller ID, you’re relying on landline technology in a mobile world. By adding branded caller ID, your outbound calls display your business name, number, and (depending on your recipient’s device) your logo and reason for your call.  


Without and with Hiya’s branded caller ID.


QuinStreet uses Hiya’s Branded Call to increase conversions and improve the customer experience

QuinStreet is a pioneer in powering decentralized online marketplaces that connect consumers and brands through “research and compare” websites across multiple industries including home services, insurance, auto, and more. 

The company started struggling to reach direct leads who had filled out a form on their website, hindering their ability to qualify leads, which they would pass off to their customers. Calls were often unidentified or mislabeled as telemarketing or spam calls. Not only did this create distrust with consumers, it also affected their ability to deliver their B2B customers quality leads. Then they turned to Hiya.

By implementing Hiya Connect, the company was able to brand outbound calls for each of their sub-brands. They could also control the display of each individual phone number, enabling better decision making capabilities based on individual level call behavior analysis.

The result? Find out!

Ready to turn up the heat on your call outcomes? 

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