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Beyond Sales Training 101: You Need to Get Your Calls Answered

Do a Google search on sales training and you’ll get over a trillion hits in merely a half of a second. Scroll down and you’ll find nearly an equal number of sales training tips and tricks that are all geared toward setting your sales organization up for success.

One technique that is absolutely crucial yet often overlooked in these trillion of tips and tricks is branded calling, which is based on this simple fact. In order to achieve any success in sales, you must be able to connect with the person you are trying to engage in a sales cycle. This is obviously a pivotal step for any inside and B2B sales organization where reps are trying to connect with their prospects and customers via the phone all day long.

Think about it this way – the time between when your reps initiate a phone call and the person on the other end receives it is critical in any successful sales engagement, as getting a call answer is the launching pad for the sales cycle. You simply can’t start a sales cycle if you can’t connect.

Give your reps an advantage with branded calling

With the help of a branded call solution like Hiya Connect, your sales training can now take on new meaning, because right out of the gate, you give your reps have the advantage of getting their calls answer more frequently, and even on the first attempt.

A branded call delivers other benefits too. When a customer or prospect can see who is calling – and the reason for the call – trust begins building before the call is even answered. Your reps can feel confident that they have the credibility they need to start a quality conversation because the sales cycle is starting on a more engaging foundation that a blind call.

And more importantly, because trust is already established, the reps have an opportunity to keep people on the phone longer, which gives them more time to engage with customers or prospects and bring them deeper into the sales cycle.

Empower your reps with sales training built on trust

In defining the Golden Rule of Networking, Bob Burg, who is a highly seasoned sales training expert, noted:

“All things being equal, people will do business with,

and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.”


The same theory applies to sales engagement. When prospects and customers feel like they know you when your brand appears on their phone, trust begins to form immediately. As you can deliver to your sales team the ability to connect with branded calling, your reps’ confidence and success can begin to skyrocket. They are enabled with the knowledge that they can reach more prospects and customers, with calls answered on the first attempt. And they know they have the opportunity to engage people longer, because trust is already established – and that trust can lead to better and more profitable prospect and customers relationships.

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