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Top Eight Reasons to Text vs. Call

Text messages: short, sweet, and efficient. While there are still times when a phone call is better than a text, there remain many instances when a text is not only convenient, but encouraged.

Nature’s call, the call you take alone: For those in need of this reminder, I’m putting it at the top. Don’t talk on the phone when you’re in the bathroom. It needs to stop and I aim to aid in this public service announcement. If you’re talking to someone and taking care of business, they can hear you.


Tight quarters: If you’re on the bus and chatting on the phone while surrounded by strangers, I can tell you, you’re everybody’s least favorite person on the bus. The exception here being if you’re on a bus with winos or passengers who yell at everybody (usually one and the same), but do you really want to be associated with that crowd? Note: I don’t know why a two-person conversation won’t bother me a bit, but HALF of a two person conversation, that just throws me over the freaking ledge. It’s not logical, but I don’t make the rules. Text on the bus.


Reminders: Whether it’s to a roommate, partner, friend or yourself (guilty), text messages serve as great reminder tools. Addresses, grocery items, upcoming events, etc. can all be conveniently stored in a text message for future reference. “Don’t forget the eggs!” requires no memory if it’s sitting in a text. Without that text, you could end up thinking, “What did he shout when I was running out the door again? Bananas? I think it was bananas… I’ll get bananas.”


Quiet time: Whether you’re in a coffee shop, library, or any place where people go to relax, it’s best to text. Much like the bus, if your voice is the only one echoing through a quiet space, you’re doing others a disservice. Somehow, there is still a portion of our population that seems to believe that being seen on a phone call *wow* makes them seem important. Everybody has a phone now. It’s not new technology and you’re not curing cancer. Allow those looking for peace and quiet to enjoy the sound, or lack thereof, of your silence.


Quickies: Release your mind from the gutter. I’m talking about short, quick messages. “Be there in 10 min.” “Call you right back!” “Love you!” “Still on for tonight?” “Would you like some Grey Poupon?” You know, all the usual things.


Appointments: Technology has brought us the opportunity to simply text a “YES” to confirm doctor’s appointments, haircuts, teeth cleanings, massages, etc. It’s an incredible time saver and, bonus, it can also be joined with the benefit of “Reminders”.


I. Can’t. Even.: We all have those moments where we have zero energy to give and simply, don’t want to talk on the phone. In those times, when you don’t want to have a full conversation but still need to communicate with someone, texting is a welcome option. Cozy up in your PJ’s, multitask with a tub of rocky road and enjoy the noncommittal joys of texting.


Safety third: If I’m great at anything, it’s assuring someone I’ll text them when I get home safely and then forgetting all about it. *That pillow has my name alllllll over it, nighty nite.* That being said, waking up to texts from concerned friends never feels good so don’t follow my lead. If your loved ones are asking for a text upon your safe arrival, send it.



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