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Nurture Your Leads by Ensuring Your Calls are Answered

In its most simplistic form, lead nurturing is the act of turning qualified prospects into sales-ready opportunities. Effective lead nurturing campaigns are the foundation of successful call or contact centers, as they help generate better quality leads, increase order size and value, reduce customer acquisition costs, and create happier, loyal customers.

Lead nurturing is often an omnichannel experience, and today more than ever, the voice channel plays a critical role in these campaigns. This is a good strategic choice for marketers, as our Hiya State of the Call 2022 report found that consumers in industries like financial services, insurance, health, and retail and services prefer contact via phone over other channels. That’s why smart businesses, like 41% of ones we surveyed in our report, use voice call as a primary way to reach out to customers and prospects.

The greatest obstacle to lead nurturing with voice? The fear of spam!

One of biggest challenges for companies who use voice in lead-nurturing campaigns is the ability to convey to customers and prospects that the person who is making the call is legitimate. Scam and fraudulent campaigns are so prevalent today that people are actually afraid to answer their phone. In fact, our State of the Call report found that 94% of consumers think unidentified calls might be fraud, resulting in 79% of these calls going unanswered.

When lead-nurturing calls go unanswered because they are perceived as spam, it becomes almost impossible for call and contact centers to execute a successful campaign.

Legitimize your calls and they will get answered

Our customers face the same challenge that any company does with lead nurturing. They turned to us because their calls to customers or prospects were not being answered as the calls were often mistakenly labeled or perceived as spam or fraudulent.

Through Hiya Connect our branded call solution displays a company’s name, logo and the reason for the call. Our customers have been able to overcome this challenge and considerably increase the success of their lead-nurturing campaigns.

Here is a quick look at what a few of Hiya customers have achieved by legitimizing their calls.

  • A global investment bank and financial services firm increased its contact rate by 110% and improved its average talk time by 33%. These wins are particularly significant, as the most common type of fraud committed via voice is financial fraud, which makes it harder for companies like this one to connect. This firm also increased the number of calls lasting for over 60 seconds, which allowed for higher quality conversations with customers and prospects.

  • Penske Truck Leasing achieved great success with branded calling as well. The company’s call answer rate increased by over 100%, from a high of 17% prior to implementing Hiya Connect, to up to 33% after. Almost 47% of the calls now get answered on the first attempt, and there’s been a 51% increase in calls lasting over 60 seconds.

  • A global leader in market research was experiencing declining contact rates, reducing the effectiveness of its program to reach mobile phone users for surveys. Soon after its Hiya Connect implementation, the firm saw an increase of 81% in answered calls and a 33% increase in calls over 60 seconds – both of which contributed to a significant increase in the firm’s survey contact rate.

Start your answer call rate today!

If you want to improve the success of your lead nurturing campaigns, you can learn more about branded calls in this white paper, The Best Way to Improve Answer Rates. And you can learn more about Hiya Connect here.

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