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Hiya’s 2022 State of the Call Webinar: The Highlights

 Last Thursday (2/17), Alex Algard, founder and CEO of Hiya, Inc., presented the first look at our findings for our 2022 State of the Call–our most comprehensive report of the year, and the most in-depth look at where the voice channel is headed.  


“The voice call? Really?” you might be thinking, “but what about Zoom? SMS? Microsoft Teams? Those surely have to be more important channels for businesses and consumers alike.” 

After all, even our webinar was held… over Zoom. While the power of digital communication cannot be overstated, our research found that the voice call is still the preferred way people like to communicate – particularly with businesses.  


What else did we find that might surprise you? 

Check out our top 5 insights from our State of the Call webinar here: 


  1. The voice call is still the preferred method of communication for healthcare organizations!

    Of 1,800 healthcare organizations surveyed, the data was clear – the voice call’s the preferred method of communication for 34% of healthcare organizations, followed by email, text, video call, and chatbot. 

  1. 68% of consumers answer identified calls – compared to the only 21% who answer unidentified calls.

    It makes sense – why would you answer a call if you don’t know who it is? This means that one in five unidentified calls fall on deaf ears. 

  1. 50% of businesses reported that they had lost a customer because they couldn’t reach them by phone.

    The report is conclusive. Unidentified calls not only make for a waste of time – they have grave implications for a business’s bottom line. 

  1. Are carriers doing enough to stop spam and fraud calls? Only 25% of American subscribers believe they are.

    And if you break down American consumers by individual carriers? You might be surprised to hear that only 48% of Verizon customers think their carrier is doing enough to stop spam and fraud calls – as compared to the 61% of AT&T customers that think they’re doing enough to stop these nuisance calls. (And AT&T’s spam protection is Hiya Protect!)

  1. Spam calls are on the rise.

    The US was hit with 80 billion spam calls this year. Can you guess what was the country with the next highest number of spam calls is? 

Watch our State of the Call 2022 Webinar here to find out!

Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya