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BT Group and EE Select Hiya for Spam and Fraud Call Protection

We’re thrilled to announce a new agreement with BT Group and EE, to provide the industry’s leading call protection service, Hiya Protect, to BT and EE customers. The Hiya Voice Security Network now protects one out of every three subscribers in the UK. 


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EE has led the way against fraud since we launched our text anti-spam filter in 2021, blocking over 200 million scam texts in the first 12 months,” said Christian Thrane, MD for Marketing at BT and EE. “Partnering with Hiya is the next step in our strategic commitment to protect our customers against fraud. Using Hiya’s call labeling technology alongside our existing innovations gives our mobile and Digital Voice home phone customers extra reassurance when answering their phone.”


EE, part of BT Group, has more than 3,000 security specialists dedicated to keeping its network and customers safe from cyber-attacks. In addition, the operator uses AI firewall technology to review international calls to help block up to one million international scam calls each day.


EE is joining the ranks of other leading European carriers like MasMovil and Telenor that have implemented Hiya to protect their subscribers from spam and fraud calls – expanding the reach of Hiya Protect to over 250 million users. Consumers that use Hiya Protect either through their telecommunications provider, Samsung Galaxy devices, or the Hiya App, are the most protected consumers anywhere on the voice network. 


Combating spam and fraud

Spam and fraud calls are on the rise in the UK. According to Hiya’s latest research, 29% of all calls in the UK are spam and 50% of those are fraud calls – representing the highest fraud rate across Europe. As a result of this growing problem, it's becoming harder for consumers to get the calls they want to receive. To compensate for this, global carriers are looking towards call protection services to provide extra security.



“Telecommunication carriers around the world are challenged to build trust for voice calls. The need to eradicate fraudulent calls, clearly label nuisance calls, and provide better labeling of unidentified calls outside of the address book has never been greater,” said Hiya President Kush Parikh. “Consumers deserve certainty in knowing who is on the other line when they pick up the phone. BT and EE are leading the way in the U.K. by implementing the most advanced voice security platform to fight the growing problem of spam and fraud calls while helping legitimate calls get through.”


Hiya and Ericsson integration partnership

Last year, Hiya and Ericsson announced a new integration partnership which makes activating Hiya Protect quick and easy with direct integration into the Ericsson IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). EE is the first global carrier to take advantage of the Hiya and Ericsson partnership to quickly and easily activate Hiya Protect


Hiya and Ericsson’s joint solution, Call Qualification, integrates Hiya Protect directly into the Ericsson IMS to combat the growing problem of spam and fraud calls across the world. The unique partnership offers carriers the fastest path to addressing spam and fraud call protection – and improving the overall voice experience.


Call protection and identity

Despite efforts, spam and fraud calls continue to climb across the globe. However, carriers can provide their subscribers with a first line of defense. Hiya’s industry-lead call protection service, Hiya Protect, is powered by AI technology that allows carriers to identify and stop new and emerging scams in real-time – without stopping wanted calls. Carries that choose Hiya Protect report:

  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Increased brand reputation
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved overall NPS

Enterprises calling into the Hiya network can also add a layer of identity to their outbound calls with branded caller IDs. With Hiya Connect, businesses can add identity to their outbound calls – including company name, logo, and call reason – to increase answer rates, boost sales, and improve the quality of their customer conversations.

International carriers can trust that when they join Hiya’s protected network they have a barricade against spam and fraud calls. Read on to learn more about our partnership with Ericsson and our internationally recognized protection services.

Author Andrea Moreno

Carrier Customer Marketing Manager