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Webinar: The State of the Call for Sales

Spam and fraud calls are running rampant in the voice channel with no signs of slowing down or stopping. Potential customers are being bombarded with unidentified calls which means you are losing time and losing sales. With the general increase of voice usage in the business sector, it is more important than ever to show your leads and prospects that your identity is properly displayed; the customer needs to know it is you before they answer the phone. A hesitancy to answer means a slow-down in sales.


More and more customers are ignoring calls and this directly impacts revenue. If your sales team is calling the same leads over and over with no answers they are losing the precious time necessary to close deals. Also, if your calls are marked as spam this can lead to a serious erosion of the customer trust needed to secure a sale.


On Tuesday September 27th, at 10am PST, Hiya is hosting a webinar tackling this matter. Please join Alex Salkin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Rachel Gruenwald, SDR Team Manager, as they discuss the state of the call for sales in 2022 and beyond. They will deliver recommendations around what sales teams can do to increase voice channel effectiveness. 


Click here to reserve your spot at The State of the Call for Sales webinar.

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