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The State of Voice in Retail in 2022

Hiya released our annual State of the Call report. We surveyed 1,800 professionals and 12,239 consumers across 6 different countries to understand how the voice channel is being used (and abused) today. The results were definitive, not only is voice growing in terms of popularity, it is also the primary way that people connect with brands, providers, co-workers, and friends.

Here’s a quick look at some stand out trends from this year’s report: 

  • 94% of individuals surveyed believe that unidentified calls are fraudulent—however, 13% of consumers also indicated that calls from a retailer were the most frustrating to have missed this past year.
  • When interacting with customers, retail professionals indicated they preferred to use voice above all other options in many situations including:
    • Resolving customer issues: 38%
    • Responding to prospective customer inquiries: 35%
    • Closing sales: 31%
    • Scheduling client appointments: 40%
  • Surveyed respondents reported many areas of business were negatively impacted by an inability to reach clients by phone, with the top three being:
    • Sales volume: 36%
    • Customer retention: 29%
    • Sales velocity: 30%

Get all the details by downloading the 2022 State of the Call report here!



Author Katie DeMatteis

Senior Marketing Manager