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Katie DeMatteis

Katie DeMatteis
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IT Professionals: How to Optimize your Voice Calling ...

In a world where IT departments are tasked with maintaining company computer systems, networks, software, and security, it’s easy to put ... >

The State of Voice in Healthcare in 2022

Recently, Hiya released our annual State of the Call report. The results were definitive; not only is voice growing in terms of popularity, ... >

Scam of the Month: extended warranty scam

The phone rings, and it is an unknown number. You pick up the phone just in case it is something important. When you answer, you are ... >

The State of Voice in Retail in 2022

Hiya released our annual State of the Call report. We surveyed 1,800 professionals and 12,239 consumers across 6 different countries to ... >

How Movers and Home Improvement Specialists Benefit from an ...

When spring rolls around it seems like everybody and their mothers are moving or working on some sort of home improvement project. As the ... >

Hiya and Gabb Wireless: Partners in Protection

Children are our most vulnerable phone users. Fraudulent calls are more prevalent than ever and they affect all of us, regardless of age. ... >

35 Cold Calling Statistics

Below, we’re sharing 35 cold calling statistics that will help you know what elements your cold calling strategy should include. We also ... >

How to Measure and Improve Call Center Efficiency

In fast-paced environments, it’s challenging to find time to step back and evaluate the efficiency of operations. For call centers, ... >

Strategies For Your Mortgage Call Center

Now more than ever, outbound call centers need to find ways to streamline mortgage operations and provide high-quality customer service. ... >

Optimizing Average Talk Time

Have you ever had a conversation that seems to go on forever? You need a piece of information from the person, but they never seem to get ... >

How to Combat Customer Trust Erosion

With spam calls and spoofed calls on the rise—and 94% of customers refusing to answer unknown calls—it is no surprise that trust is ... >

What is Adaptive AI?

Adaptive AI blocks 28% more spam and scam calls Spam and scam calls hurt everyone: consumers and businesses are annoyed or defrauded by ... >

Lead Generation World Conference: Hiya Crosses the Pond

This year Hiya traveled halfway across the globe, over the Atlantic, and flew right into Lead Generation World. This performance marketing ... >

Get Connected and Stay Connected: Combating Call Abandonment

A missed or abandoned call is a missed business opportunity for sales. While call abandonment and connection issues may seem like only a ... >

Call Center’s Guide to Brand Protection

Every call makes an impression on your customers. Maintaining a good image is a responsibility that must be given attention. Without ... >

Scam of the Month: The Eavesdropping Scam

You’ve likely read about the Wangiri scam, and I’m sure someone has contacted you about your “car’s extended warranty”. But there’s a new ... >

The State of Voice in the EU in 2022

Hiya recently released the State of the Call: Europe 2022 report, with definitive results; voice is not only growing in popularity, it is ... >

9 Call Center Best Practices

Without a properly functioning call center, your business is missing out on a huge chance to engage with customers. Call centers allow ... >

The Impact of Call Center Analytics

You wouldn’t run a business without keeping track of your success, so why are you making calls without measuring their impact? With call ... >

The State of Voice in Insurance in 2022

Recently, Hiya released our annual State of the Call report. We surveyed 1,800 professionals and 12,239 consumers across 6 different ... >

Six Different Types of Call Centers

Can you imagine a world without call centers? There would be no technical support, no person to speak to about changing appointments, and ... >

Scam of the Month: The Wangiri Scam

Ring! Click. The caller hung up. But why? Welcome to the Wangiri scam — one of the world's most popular scam calls. In Japanese, Wangiri ... >

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