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State of the Call Sales Report 2022: Sales and the Voice Channel

The voice call still reigns supreme for sales. That is one of the key takeaways from Hiya’s midyear check-in, the State of the Call for Sales 2022. This year included over 150B calls analyzed and 1,800 businesses surveyed; these decision-making telecommunications organizations show that they prefer the voice call time and time again. Over a third (34%) of professionals surveyed selected voice as the method, they use most often to connect to current and prospective customers.


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Voice Closes Deals

It may be a multichannel world, but voice is still paramount among all other forms of business communications. Voice remains hands-down the fastest, most effective, reliable, and personal way of connecting with customers and prospects. Being able to communicate in real-time with leads enhances the sales experience. A level of trust is brokered and the sale becomes less of a transaction and more of a conversation. This is just one of the many advantages of maintaining a secure voice channel.

Voice Challenges and Solutions

Voice is the most immediate and trusted form of business communication, but with the rise of spam and fraud calls, 38% of consumers say that they will never answer an unidentified call. This can prove highly problematic to outbound call centers that depend on cold calling to make sales. 


66% of consumers say that they know they have received a call from a scammer posing as a legitimate business; active impersonation has become a real issue. Spoofed calls hurt the reputation of the business and lead to lower answer rates. Proper identification through a branded caller ID is a viable solution to this problem.


For more information on Hiya’s Branded Call or the current state of the voice channel as it relates to sales, be sure to download the State of the Call for Sales 2022. The insights gathered from this extensive survey can help elevate your sales sector and connect you to more customers.

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