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Six Arguments for the Good Old Fashioned Phone Call vs. Text Message

In a recent report pulled by Deloitte31% of mobile users in the UK don’t make any traditional phone calls in a week. Not surprisingly, this number has increased in previous years from 25% in 2015 and 4% in 2012. In an age when text messages and social media are always at our fingertips, it’s easy to keep in touch with those we care about without having to “pick up the phone.” However, there are still instances when speaking with a person makes communicating more meaningful and easier and that’s the end goal, right?

When to Use Your Phone… as a Phone [gasp]:

  1. Efficiency: Most times when I transition from a text to a phone call, the conversation begins with: “There was too much to type so I figured I’d just call instead.” Efficiency at its finest! Why send a novel through text when you can condense it down to a two minute phone call?
  2. Quality: Catching up with a friend that you haven’t spoken with in a while usually warrants a phone conversation. Or perhaps your friend is going through a rough spell and you want to comfort them. Maybe they just had a baby and you want to congratulate them. Sending those messages through text are not going to get the job done… not well at least. To properly relay a meaningful message, speak with your mouth, not your fingers.
  3. Emotional radar: If texting is phenomenal at one thing, it’s making people question the attitude behind received texts. The ever elusive “ok” or “…” can cause emotional turmoil. If you want to make sure your sarcasm hasn’t been taken the wrong way after receiving an “ok…”, it may be time to pick up the phone. (Key and Peele know all about this… *massive language warning*).
  4. Job interviews: I’d like to think this goes without saying but if you’re speaking with someone about a new job, only communicate with them via phone call. Also, make sure your voicemail message is up to snuff.
  5. Informational: Perhaps you’re waiting on test results from a doctor, you would call to see if they’re in yet. Or, if your child’s school is calling, that’s a call you want to take. Scheduling appointments, though many can now be done online, is also a task that can be efficiently done over the phone.
  6. Gage your audience: I only communicate with my Great Aunt Lorraine by way of a phone call. Sure, it’s because she only has a landline but let’s move on. If times change and she gets a smartphone, I will still only speak with her over the phone and not text. Think about your audience. Would they rather hear your voice than read a text message from you? Is it easier for them to speak with you than type? For those who still value old school communication, grant them that satisfaction and give them a ring.

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