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See how Hiya Connect Delivers 677% ROI to Enterprises

Independent study reveals Total Economic Impact of Hiya Connect


We here at Hiya are excited to share the findings of The Total Economic Impact™ of Hiya Connect! The commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Hiya, demonstrates the value Hiya Connect provides to enterprises. 


The big takeaways from the study are clear: Hiya Connect delivers a 677% return on investment (ROI) and $14.1 million net present value (NPV) to enterprises over a three-year period. This means that Hiya Connect customers find great value in our solution and enjoy a significant positive impact on revenue. 


According to the Forrester study, the key quantifiable benefits of Hiya Connect are the increased answer rates–valued at over $15.4 million–and increased contact center productivity–valued at over $730,000. The study also examines unquantified benefits of Hiya Connect, including analytics and insights, global reach, and the value of voice to enterprises. 


To dig deeper, read the full study (available here) or attend our webinar on January 25

(sign-up here). 


The study is chock full of independent research and data, quotes from current Hiya Connect customers, and a financial model based on a composite organization to demonstrate the benefits, costs, and risks associated with Hiya Connect. We will also have an ROI Estimator available later this month, which will enable our customers to estimate the ROI of Hiya Connect specifically to their company. Sign up to receive updates via our newsletter, where we’ll let you know when the ROI calculator is available!

Author Julianne Maila

Director, Product Marketing