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Q&A: Why does it help to 'Report a Number' if scammers can spoof their CallerID?

Great question!

Unfortunately, if the scammer has already reached you via a spoofed number, reporting the number likely won’t help you – but it can help the community at large! See, one of the many signals Hiya Protect takes into account when we determine which calls to flag as risky (or block entirely!) is whether it’s been flagged – how many times and by how many different accounts. Though our algorithms do the majority of work detecting fraudulent, spam, and spoofed calls, reporting a call from a spoofed number can help direct us to a signal that our algorithms may have missed. And while this doesn’t happen often, it does happen from time to time, as part of the job of these fraudsters is to figure out new tactics for outsmarting our systems. You can be a part of the solution by helping our team here at Hiya detect new scam and fraud tactics – and by doing so, you’re helping us make the voice channel a safer place for all! 


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Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya