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Protect Your Identity and Improve Answer Rates

We live in a world where data is transferred freely; a user’s information has become currency, and legitimacy has become paramount in customer relations. As a business, your brand and your reputation need to remain consistent to maintain maximum growth. Connecting with customers over the phone is the most personal and efficient way to do business. Protecting your identity is one of the key ways that you can empower your voice channel to get more calls answered.

Spoofed calls are a major threat to the legitimacy of your organization. While 94% of unknown calls go unanswered, spoofers will take advantage of this knowledge to get you while your guard is down. A spoofed call is a call that comes from a scammer who is posing as a legitimate number. This means that even when your number is recognizable to the customer, there is a chance that they will be drawn in by a con. This is not only dangerous to the customer, it is detrimental to the reputation you have established with your base.

Fortunately, there is an arsenal at your disposal. With a solution like Hiya’s Secure Call, imposters are stopped in their tracks. Every call made through the Hiya network will be authenticated with a fraud filter. This filter will strip away false identities, apply warnings, or even terminate the call entirely. Hiya Secure Call can stop fraudsters in their tracks. 

A well-protected voice channel is a key to keeping your customer’s information safe. With the implementation of the proper tools, like branded caller ID, your stakeholders will keep their calls legitimate. A consistent message and reputation are crucial to the development of your business and call center.

For more information on how to stay protected and get your calls answered, please be sure to check out our Answer Rates eBook.

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