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What to Know About Inside Sales Power Dialers

Contact centers are continually looking for ways to increase their productivity and close more sales. One major roadblock is the number of consumers that don’t pick up the phone. This can waste a huge amount of time as agents are leaving voicemails–or worse, sitting there, waiting for people to answer. An effective way to cut down on this wasted time is to use an inside sales power dialer.

What Are Sales Dialers?

Inside sales dialers boost productivity by simplifying the dialing process. There are three main types of dialers.

Preview dialers: This type of dialer makes one call at a time and allows agents to preview the lead before deciding to make the call.

Progressive/power dialers: This type of dialer makes one call at a time by automatically calling a list of leads. When one call is finished, it automatically dials the next one.

Predictive/automated dialers: This type of dialer makes several calls at once, allowing the agents to spend less time waiting for one contact to answer the phone.

It’s important to note that inside sales power dialers are NOT robo dialers. Robo dialers are often used to send pre-recorded messages that don’t provide any value to the recipient. Combating robocalls is a top priority of the FCC and making this type of call comes with hefty fines.

How do Sales Dialers Increase Productivity?

Using a dialer frees up a lot of agents’ time, enabling them to complete more productive tasks. Below are a few of the ways that inside sales power dialers can help your contact center increase productivity.

Increase Call Volume

Without a dialer, agents have to manually dial phone numbers and wait for the recipient to answer. This process wastes a lot of time that could be spent actually talking with a customer. When a dialer takes over this time-consuming process, more calls are made and agents can reach more people.

Reduce Human Error

When agents are dialing hundreds of numbers a day, they are bound to type a few wrong numbers here and there. In addition to wasting time by calling incorrect numbers, it’s also possible to call the same contact multiple times or skip a contact. All of these errors prevent agents from maximizing their efforts and time. An inside sales power dialer makes the process more accurate.

Maximize Conversions

The math is simple. When your agents are making more calls and spending time more effectively, conversion rates will go up. While sales dialers can help you broaden your prospect pool, there are even more enhancements you can make to become a high-conversion call center. Since 94% of unknown calls go unanswered, the first step is to display branded caller ID.

Hiya Connect allows your call center to display its business name, logo, and reason for calling on caller ID. This encourages your contacts to pick up the phone since they know it’s a reputable company calling and not a scammer. In addition, displaying the call reason sets better expectations for the call, improving customer satisfaction. Utilizing an inside sales power dialer combined with branded caller ID will help your call center be more productive and close more sales.

Hiya Connect

Hiya’s primary goal is to enable contact centers like yours to connect with their customers in meaningful ways. Hiya Connect is designed to protect your reputation from fraudulent imposters by providing secure, Branded Calls.

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Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya