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How Big Box Retailers Can Stay Connected this Spring

The sun is shining and everyone is anxious to get out and greet the open world. With the spring season well underway it is safe to say that home services retailers are going to be pretty busy. People want a change; they want to freshen up their lives and their space with various home improvement projects. This means that big-box retailers are going to see an increase in customer demand.

As business begins to pour in, you’ll soon begin to notice an influx in customer calls. If you let your phone lines become inundated with calls you risk abandoned calls or leaving customers on hold for long periods of time. With the pressures of the day-to-day weighing you down, it can seem impossible to stay connected with all your customers over the phone. With a few key features and optimizations, you can transform your voice channel from a hassle, into a viable source of revenue. The more calls that are answered the more customers that you can get in the store. The more customers that enter your retail establishment, the more sales you will make.

Make sure to take a look at the data when beginning to optimize your call center. Take stock of the calls made and received throughout the day; the time of day in which the calls were answered, how long the calls lasted, and the tactics used to achieve a successful call. When you are trying to reach a customer about a ride-on mower repair, or a new shipment of mulch, the last thing you want is for that call to drop. Use the data collected to bolster your automated voice response. An IVR is the first thing that a customer will experience when calling into a big box retailer; it is the ever-important first impression. Keep this channel flowing and keep the calls coming in. The more connected you are, the better your spring season will be.

The proper tools– like Hiya Connect's Branded Call– can build and maintain trust between you and your customers. By projecting your brand, name, and reasons for calling, customers are more likely to answer. Check out our Home Services Guide for more information on how home improvement retailers can optimize their voice channels.

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