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Extend Call Duration Through Transparent Data

Spoof calls are causing a devastating effect on the reputation of call centers and businesses everywhere. When customers are not able to trust the name– or number– that they see on the phone, they are less likely to pick up the call. Even if they do happen to answer, there is a very low chance that the calls will last for very long. Call duration is usually a good indicator of the quality of the interaction. It can seem beneficial to your bottom line to move on quickly to the next call, but a longer call is a sign of a possible conversion. The longer the customer stays with you on the line the more opportunities you get to close.

When looking to improve the quality of your call center it is always important to start with the data. Make sure that you take stock of every aspect of your communication with customers. How long does an average call last? How long does it typically take to make a sale? What are the best times to call to get a quality conversation? All of these questions and more are important things to consider when analyzing call center data. 

Once the data has been collected the best next step is to begin sharing your findings with customers. Transparency and accountability are directly tied to one another. By empowering your call center with tools like branded caller ID, you can ensure your customers are getting all the information they need. The more identifying information that you can provide the customer, the longer they will stay on the call. If a customer can see exactly who is calling and why they are calling, they will consider the call far more reputable; being transparent with your customers builds a level of trust and establishes your organization's reputation. 

Be sure to protect the reputation that you have developed with the proper optimization and analysis. The more transparent you are with your customers the longer they will engage with you on the phone. For more information on how you can improve the quality of your voice channel, be sure to sign up for a complimentary call assessment.


Author Hiya Team