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The Hiya Call Assessment

We could all benefit from some self-reflection from time to time. The same can be said for your business operations. This is especially true if you are trying to maintain a well-functioning call center with a high answer rate. With 79% of unidentified calls going unanswered there are most likely gaps in your contact center’s day-to-day. If you and your stakeholders are finding that it is hard to get customers to pick up the phone, it could be time for an evaluation.

Luckily, Hiya offers a complimentary call assessment that can help locate areas for improvement in your call center. When you meet with one of our representatives, they will walk you through your personalized assessment. We evaluate how your calls have performed over the past 30 days with a series of important metrics:

    • Call volume - the calls placed that Hiya can influence
    • Calls answered - the calls answered that Hiya can influence
  • Answer rate - the total calls divided by total calls made
  • Contact rate - the total calls answered by unique users divided by calls made
  • Spam ratio - the proportion of outbound calls labeled as spam
  • Average talk time per call - the total call duration divided by total calls.


We offer an analysis of where you stand today and where we think you can improve with Hiya Connect. Your reputation is tied directly to your identity. When it comes to getting and maintaining quality calls, identity is of the utmost importance. With Hiya’s Branded Call you can make sure that your customers know exactly who is calling; by adding a clear name, logo, and reason for calling you can sufficiently improve your answer rates.

Be sure to reach out for more information or to schedule your complimentary call assessment.

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