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4 Benefits of Changing Your Outbound Caller ID

People tend to answer the phone every time, right? Well, that isn’t necessarily true. Answer rates are continuing to plummet, with 94% of unidentified calls going unanswered in 2020. Caller ID has been around for quite a while, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still relevant and important for your business to change it’s caller ID name to be branded so your customers know exactly who’s calling. There are some distinct reasons why it’s important to change your caller ID.


Your company can only succeed as long as their brand is recognizable and trusted. More sophisticated caller ID services, such as Hiya Connect Branded Call, can provide the option to display the caller number, name, and company logo so that the recipient of the call can pick it up knowing that it is verified and a trusted number. 

Recipients are also more likely to choose you over a competing brand if they are capable of identifying your caller ID, logo, and number. This information gives your customers the knowledge that it is a verified phone call, whereas competitors might not have the same identifying information. This can give your company a leg up over the competition and instill a sense of confidence in the recipient.

Security and Spam

Criminals are all too eager to duplicate phone numbers and pose as legitimate companies. A caller ID that includes your company name and logo can assure customers that your number is legitimate, and that they are not about to fall victim to a scam. Along with a branded caller ID, Hiya offers a secure call feature that verifies your caller ID so your customers know exactly who’s calling. This allows you to protect your business and customers from the disastrous effects of impersonators.


Caller IDs with visual branding are more likely to attract customers and help them remember a brand, as consumers tend to remember visual cues above all else. They will also remember the contents of the phone call, why the interaction was good, and why they should answer the phone again next time. Branded caller ID also provides the opportunity to spread information about your brand through word of mouth, as customers tend to talk about companies with whom they have had positive interactions.

Increase Answer Rates

On average, Hiya Connect customers experience an 80% increase in average answer rates because of changed caller IDs. Your customers are more likely to answer a phone call if it is identified by caller ID and accompanied by a logo. This can help your business better contact individuals who need to be contacted, increase sales opportunities, and better communicate with clients who would otherwise hesitate to pick up an unknown phone number.

Along with better answer rates using branded caller ID, Hiya Connect gives your business the ability to monitor and manage your caller reputation:

  • Monitor how often your numbers have been blocked or reported
  • Track reputation health over time
  • Directly dispute nuisance reputation and spam labels

Hiya provides quality caller ID options, including logos, specific caller ID names, security, and monitoring options to track health of the calls over time. Download our Beyond Caller ID eBook today to see how a changed caller ID can help you connect with your customers faster.



Author Laleh Hassibi

Hiya's Director of Content Marketing and Growth

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