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VPP vs. CNAM: What’s the Difference?

Is your branded call service running technology from the ‘70s? 


Do you want a product that uses an outdated system based on calling technology that was invented more than half a century ago?


Or would you prefer a Branded Caller ID solution founded in modern technology, built for the mobile world? 


You want a technology that gives your customers the best possible experience and maintains your outstanding brand reputation; It’s hard enough to reach your customers via voice on a good day—why would you leave any part of that experience to chance?


These are the questions we believe are most important when choosing between a Voice Performance Platform, and CNAM. Let’s dig into what the differences are: 


What’s CNAM? 

The technology known as Caller ID Name, or CNAM, refers to the caller ID name that is displayed on an incoming phone call. This technology was sufficient in a non-mobile world-- but t’s outdated and often inaccurate. The key things to watch out for with CNAM solutions:


  1. CNAM relies on static call registries, outdated “landline” based technology, and doesn’t scale for mobile.
  2. CNAM is inconsistent—when you update your caller ID name in a registry, that doesn’t guarantee an updated result on every phone.
  3. There is little to no flexibility with how your brand is displayed—names are truncated and squished together beyond recognition.
  4. The metric tracking is unreliable, with estimates not based on your actual data.


Want to learn more about CNAM? Dig deeper with this video offers a deeper dive into how the above can affect your brand.


What’s a Voice Performance Platform? 

With Hiya, our Branded Call solution (VPP) does what CNAM purports to do, but in a more reliable, consistent way. 


What are the key differentiators?? 

  1. VPP technology is embedded in the call flow through direct network integrations with carriers and devices.
  2. As a customer, VPP allows for complete, real-time control over how your business’s name appears on the phone screen. 
  3. The Voice Performance Platform’s dynamic data, plus detailed insights and analytics allow you to make informed decisions about your business.


With the Voice Performance Platform, you’ll know exactly how many times your calls were delivered, how long they lasted, how many leads converted, how many attempts before your customer answered, and more. To learn more about Branded Call and how it works, check out our Facts vs. Fiction page:

Author Alicia Marie Beatty

Content Marketing Manager at Hiya