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Improve Answer Rates with Transparent Data

The scammers are getting smarter. Their deceptive measures have infiltrated the voice channel and now everyone’s reputation is at risk. What can you do to protect your business’s identity when trying to reach customers? How can you counter the seemingly insurmountable influx of spoofed calls?

“Stick to the data, develop an exchange of information, and build trust.

Transparency and accountability work in tandem to establish deep roots of customer trust. The more information that you can collect, the more information that is passed on to your stakeholders and end-users. Evaluate your internal operations with a third-party call assessment; taking stock of your network performance is a great way to identify essential data points for investigation. Pickup rate and call abandonment rate are key metrics that can establish a baseline regarding call center performance; look for patterns or any associated factors that could influence your results. How long does the call last? What time of day are you calling? What is being displayed on the caller ID? 

The more of these questions you can answer the closer you will be to an optimized voice channel. Tools like branded caller ID are a great way to promote transparency through data. By projecting your company’s name, branding, and reason for calling, you can ensure an improvement in customer trust. When key data points are combined with transparent practices a confluence of interests occurs; both parties benefit from the information provided by the other.

For more information on the key metrics that can help make your operations more transparent, please check out our Answer Rates Guide. We provide you with the industry insights you need to develop and maintain a reputable voice channel.

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