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The State of Voice in Healthcare in 2022

Recently, Hiya released our annual State of the Call report. The results were definitive; not only is voice growing in terms of popularity, it is also the primary way that people connect with brands, providers, co-workers, and friends. This holds specific meaning for healthcare organizations, as they rely heavily on the phone call to communicate with patients, as well as other providers and, in fact, over 92% of healthcare providers say that their phone use has increased, or stayed the same, over the last year.

Here’s a quick look at some of this year’s findings: 

  • A strong majority of consumers—41%—say their preferred method of communication is the phone. This surpasses the nearest runner up (email) by nearly triple the percentage points. 
  • 46.2% of consumers trust the phone the most when disclosing anything to do with their health. Across the world, voice is the default for confidential communications. 
  • Globally 14% of respondents said that missing a call from their healthcare provider caused them the most frustration. The US saw itself to an outlying position with 20% of respondents citing it as such. 
  • Many scammers are making money by impersonating legitimate healthcare organizations. 6.5% of all fraud calls around the world fall into this category, although these numbers are higher in the U.S. (7.2%) France, (8.5%) and Spain (10%).
  • Consequently, 72% of people said that a fraudulent call has made them more suspicious of, eroded trust in, or negatively impacted their view of the spoofed company and 12% have chosen to switch brands as a direct result.

Curious to learn more? Download this year’s State of the Call report.

Author Katie DeMatteis

Senior Marketing Manager