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Hiya’s 2021 State of the Call report featured in USA Today, and more!

We recently launched our 2021 State of the Call report, where we analyzed more than 150 billion calls and commissioned a third-party survey of businesses and consumers. When we shared our report with the public, the reception was remarkable. Our customers and partners dug into the data to further inform their voice performance strategy, and media throughout the country used the report to highlight the most pressing issues on the voice channel and how we can work together to improve the voice experience for businesses and consumers. 

USA Today published a great article using data from our report: Robocalls and scam calls persist during pandemic, so Americans have stopped answering the phone. The article explains that voice traffic has increased as a result of voice being the preferred communication channel for businesses and consumers, but the problem of spam and fraud calls persists, resulting in declining answer rates that negatively impact legitimate businesses trying to reach their customers by phone. It then looks at some of the solutions to this problem, including new governmental regulations and work by carriers like AT&T to protect their subscribers. 

In addition to USA Today, a variety of other media outlets covered our State of the Call 2021 report. Here’s a sample of what they are saying: 

  • The Balance: COVID-90, Men Answering the (Scam) Call, and Ending the Racial Wealth Gap
    The personal finance outlet looked at how the pandemic impacted spam calls and the demographic breakdown of phone scam victims, noting that, “Scammers have had a field day during the pandemic, which has caused enough financial  desperation to provide them with a steady stream of victims. And for the con artists who work their trade over phone lines, men are particularly susceptible, according to a new survey.”
  • insideARM: The Latest Developments in the World of Call Delivery
    One of the debt industries leading outlets wrote a comprehensive piece looking at how call delivery has changed over the past year, using data from our report as well as highlighting the work of the Industry Traceback Group and the impact of STIR/SHAKEN.
  • Help Net Security: Nearly 40% of consumers lost money to phone scams in 2020
    Focusing on information security, Help Net Security put some of the top data points from our report into context, and looked at how scammers succeed in exploiting the public and why the voice call has become such a relied upon communication channel for businesses. 

For many more insights on the State of the Call, click below to watch the recording of our webinar, presented by Hiya CEO and founder Alex Algard.

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Author Mike Ferris