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Move over, ID theft – here’s the new No. 1 fraud

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    ID theft is no longer the reigning champ when it comes to fraud. Many of us have heard, or even been victim, to a number of scammers who pose as government agencies, law officials, or financial institutions to convince us to dish over money willingly. With that said, it shouldn’t be a surprise that imposter scams have taken the cake as the new No. 1 fraud scheme.

    “When it comes to consumer frauds, impostor scams are now leading the list, having leapfrogged ID theft for the first time since the government started keeping records in 1997. Notably, these frauds can be devastatingly costly. Although not all consumers report their losses, those that did got taken for $744.5 million in total, with the average loss weighing in at $1,124, government officials said,” reports Kathy Kristof, CBS Money Watch.

    Get a better look at what specific imposter scams are targeting consumers, and how Kristof has named Hiya as a helpful app that can help decipher if you’ve been targeted by one. Click on the image below for more:




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