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Lead Generation World Conference: Hiya Crosses the Pond

This year Hiya traveled halfway across the globe, over the Atlantic, and flew right into Lead Generation World. This performance marketing conference brought together lead buyers and lead sellers to help promote effective industry practices. This unparalleled networking opportunity was run by experts from around the world. The primary focus was to help advertisers and lead buyers navigate the lead generation ecosystem.

From April 3rd to April 5th, Hiya was able to partake in discussions of marketing strategy while building relationships with other lead buyers and generators. This year’s keynote speaker was Alex Hunter, the former head of online marketing for Virgin Group. His talk entitled, “Why Should I Love You? Creating Enduring Loyalty in a Connected World”, gave deep insight into the importance of trust in marketing.


Lead Generation World reinforced our understanding of transparency in marketing. In the sales ecosystem authenticity is key. The more information that you can provide the customer, the more likely they are to trust you. This trust can then be leveraged into a lead, and then hopefully a sale. Hiya’s Branded Caller ID was very popular this year. Our unique service ensures your customers will know exactly who they are dealing with before they pick up the phone.


Lead Generation World is a great place for lead sellers and lead buyers to truly sync. Hiya was so thrilled to have made lasting connections with an assortment of industry professionals.


Author Katie DeMatteis

Senior Marketing Manager