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How Does Call Measurement Impact Performance?

Call measurement, also called call tracking, refers to how your organization measures and tracks information from your call center. This includes where the call is coming from and which advertising channel the customer used to find that number.

Being able to measure your calls is an important contributor to overall call center performance; the data you collect allows you to make strategic, informed decisions about your call center operations. It will also give you insight into how to reduce inefficiencies or redundancies.

Most organizations utilize a call measurement software or a third-party service provider to automatically track, measure, and report their calls.

Why Is Call Measurement Important?

Call Measurement Shows You What Works

When your agents are making or receiving calls, they have little feedback on where calls are coming from and the quality of the calls. Because call tracking identifies which advertising or marketing channels are most effective in bringing in calls, you can identify which geographic areas or specific advertisement types are performing the best. Optimizing your operational focuses based on this data will  increase productivity within your organization, ensuring you spend time and money in the places that will make the most impact. 

Call measurement also helps you know what is working within the calls themselves, giving you an insight into the quality of calls, and allowing you to identify what tactics are leading to conversions. This can highlight specific agents who are doing a great job and suggest ideas that you might implement across the whole call center.

Call Measurement Helps You Know Your Audience

The data you gather from call measurement can help you build an accurate picture of your audience. In addition to using the general demographic data like location to learn about your audience, you can also use the data about which advertising channels are most successful to make your marketing efforts more efficient. Through call measuring, you can identify which advertising methods and messaging your target audience is resonating with and then focus on those areas. 

Call Measurement Keeps Data Organized

Call measurement services will make it easy to find the data you need to report on the value and productivity of the call center. It also allows you to report to your agents on their performance, helping you to motivate them and track their progress. 

What Should You Be Measuring?

Now that you know why call measurement is important, what metrics should you be tracking? There are a variety of metrics and KPIs that you can use to collect data on the performance of your call center and manage productivity. These metrics should take into account your organization’s goals and should be relevant to your department. Learn more about call center metrics and how to select them in this article.

Self-Serve Analytics Dashboards

The huge amount of data that call measurement collects can be overwhelming. That’s why you should consider utilizing a service like Hiya Connect. With tools like Hiya’s Branded Call Intelligence, you can see the most important and influential call metrics in an easy-to-read, customizable dashboard. Speaking of data, Hiya has compiled call measurement data from hundreds of calls across the world to highlight the top trends and insights in voice calls - check it out in the State of the Call Report.

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