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Hiya unveils first branded calling solution with performance analytics across 40+ countries

We couldn't be more excited to share the  latest update to Hiya Connect — performance analytics. As the only solution on the market to provide truly accurate branded calling performance data, the latest update in Hiya Connect addresses key issues such as difficulty in managing call branding across providers and the need for reliable ROI proof for branded calling investments. 

New performance analytics empowers businesses and organizations with the tools they need to make better calls and realize the full potential of their branded calling efforts. 

According to our research, answer rates have grown significantly since the introduction of iOS 17's Live Voicemail, in some cases by over 100%. Automated answering technologies, like iOS 17’s Live Voicemail and Google Pixel Call Screen, show calls screened by voicemail as answered calls – artificially inflating call performance metrics and creating a major challenge for businesses, which have to prove the ROI of their investment in branded calling. 

Businesses using call branding services have struggled to effectively manage branded calling campaigns and show ROI due to the limited and inconsistent performance metrics that vary across providers. Ensuring accurate and consistent performance analytics across providers is crucial for businesses to accurately assess the value of their branding efforts.

The global performance analytics now available in Hiya Connect, arrives at a crucial time for businesses as traditional branded calling metrics are impacted by evolving interpretations of privacy regulations and the artificial inflation of call answer rates due to the rise of call screening technologies.

With updates to Hiya Connect, businesses can now effectively manage branding and assess program effectiveness across multiple networks through two innovative capabilities powering performance analytics: 

  • Performance science approachHiya performance analytics enhances decision-making to maximize branded calling campaigns. Hiya’s performance science methodology ensures access to the most accurate information – not confined to a single provider or region. This approach enables Hiya to precisely identify calls answered by humans, effectively filtering out voicemail responses and providing clearer insights.

  • Unmatched, exclusive dataset: Hiya’s unique dataset, integral to the Hiya network, provides insights beyond the capabilities of other branded call providers. This dataset is crucial for businesses seeking comprehensive analytics on call branding, regardless of its source or location. Hiya’s ability to deliver detailed performance insights on branded calls spans across all regions and providers, setting Hiya apart as the only provider capable of offering such extensive and unbiased analytics.

“This update is a testament to our commitment to evolving with the needs of modern businesses,” said Kush Parikh, President of Hiya, “By offering insights across providers and the ability to accurately distinguish between branded calls answered by people or voicemail, we are empowering our customers with the tools they need to make better calls. This is more than just an advancement in technology; it’s about providing real solutions to the challenges businesses face in a globally connected world.”

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Hiya Connect is available to existing and new customers with a Hiya Connect branded calling subscription in 40+ countries worldwide. More info about Hiya Connect is here.

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