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Hiya Network Hits 200M Users!

We’re excited to share that the Hiya network has now surpassed more than 200 million users globally, enabling Hiya’s Branded Call and Secure Call to reach more people and, more importantly, providing a better voice experience for businesses and consumers alike. Core to our rapid growth is the partnerships and deep integrations we have with OEMs. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Google to deliver Branded Call and Secure Call on smartphones using the Google Phone app. And why Samsung has expanded its service to offer Secure Call on Samsung smartphones worldwide.

You can read the full announcement here and learn more in the video below.


New OEM Integrations

Integrating at the OEM level gives Hiya's business customers unparalleled reach and influence over their outbound calls, enabling businesses to deliver their name and logo through Branded Call, protect their identity and customers through Secure Call, and, ultimately, avoid being one of the 94% of unknown calls that go unanswered. 

Hiya has powered Samsung Smart Call for years and launched Branded Call on Samsung devices in 2020. Now, we've rolled out Secure Call to Samsung users to authenticate business calls and stop calls that are spoofed by scammers. 

Similarly, branded and secure calls are also now available on smartphones using the Google Phone app, adding tens of millions of users to the Hiya network and providing the ability to reach even more customers. 

Modernizing Voice with Identity and Security

Our Branded Call and Secure Call services go hand-in-hand to deliver a better voice experience for enterprises and consumers. Branded Call enables enterprises to deliver their name, logo, and call reason to their customer's device, improving answer rates and unlocking the value of the voice channel. Secure Call protects enterprises and consumers from telemarketing crime by authenticating all business calls and stopping spoofed calls. These services are critical for enterprises that rely on the voice channel to reach their customers: Branded Call shows your identity, and Secure Call protects it. 

Access to 200 Million Users

If you're an enterprise interesting in gaining access to our network of more than 200 million users, please reach out to us here and our team can show you how to improve your voice performance and reach more customers. 

Author Tanvi Saxena

Vice President, Product Management